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Author Topic: [ANN][CCN] - Cannacoin: Announcements, discussion & development.  (Read 6033 times)


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“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires,
but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”

― Bob Marley

Release Date:
March 28th 2014

Premine:0% Pre-mined
Block Time:60 Seconds
Block Reward:12.5 Cannacoins
Reward Halving:Every 525,600 Blocks (~1 years)
Difficulty Retargeting:Every block using patched version of Kimoto's Gravity Well.
Total Supply:13,140,000 Cannacoins.
Block Rewards:
Block 000,001525,600:12.5 Cannacoin Reward
Block 525,6001,051,200:6.25 Cannacoin Reward
Block 1,051,2002,102400:3.125 Cannacoin Reward
Block 2,102,400 4,204,800:1.5625 Cannacoin Reward
Block 4,204,8008,409,600:0.78125 Cannacoin Reward
Block 8,409,60016,819,200:0.390625 Cannacoin Reward
Block 16,819,20017,071,800:0.1953125 Cannacoin Reward
CannacoinCannan—,16,819,200:0.390625 Cannacoin Reward


IRC Chat:#Cannacoin (Freenode)

Pools confirmed to have updated to patched KGW:

P2P Pools:

Chinese Mining Pools:

Please let us know if you would like to add your pool to the list by messaging either Cannacoin, Jamesonwa or Peezr in IRC - otherwise please join #cannacoin so we can liaise with you if you are a pool operators in advance of launch to ensure that everyone will be able to readily mine and that we provide a fair launch

please contact [email protected] if you're interested in adding Canncoin to your exchange!

Marketing and Plans for Cannacoin:

Cannacoin is being hailed as the cannabis industries new vision for the future. While continuing to build off the success of Bitcoin and Litecoin, we believe that it's important to create a coin specific to the demands of the cannabis industry. Our intentions are to heavily market this coin to cannabis industries in both Washington and Colorado along side the ever growing medical marijuana markets in over 21 US States.  

Within a short time frame of launch we are going to be launching a series of services which will be compatible with Cannacoin. These range from Cannacoin POS, goods and services, exchanges using Cannacoin and of course the Cannacoin Marketplace..* cannot buy a Cannacoin from the CannaMarket, this will be specifically for Cannacoin stickers, tee-shirts and other retail merchandise*


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