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Author Topic: Discount Coin [DSC] :Fly to the moon with Discount Coin  (Read 241 times)


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Discount Coin [DSC] :Fly to the moon with Discount Coin
« on: March 25, 2018, 02:08:19 PM »
Hello everyone today I would like to introduce you to Discount Coin [DSC]

What is Discount Coin?
Discount Coin is a type of Coin: Pure PoS. It is built on the Scrypt algorithm, with a maximum supply of 50,000,000 dsc.
Advantages of Discount Coin:
super-fast operation
- low transaction fee
-No use: pow that use pos should be power efficient and very environmentally friendly
- Growing first year and keeping double digits in 10 years ...

The goal of Discount Coins is to give people the opportunity to make purchases on a daily basis at discounted prices.

Discount Coin Plan: Using the emerging technology of Masternodes stock certificates, we plan to reward everyone with a coin each time a block is exploited. You can find all the information about our technology in the "staking" section.
As a customer, you will be able to purchase your items, pay for the restaurant or come to the cinema at a discounted price.
As a shop owner, you will sell at a discounted price but you will earn more by booking it as your wallet, thus earning a profit as if you sold it at a starting price.

Vision of Discount Coin: Our vision is based on long-term.
We are planning to use our broad client base in the first year to build our Discounted and Reinforced POS network with the Intensive Coin Offering (ICO) program.
Masternode will be rewarded early accept large quantities in the first year. We will then advance our technology to local shoppers, but encourage them to propose discount rates and reward themselves.
Discount Network is designed to deliver great rewards for at least 20 years!

Now there are a lot of altcoin but the coin aimed at users like Discount Coin is really very low so I appreciate the discount coin. I will definitely join ico and keep it and wait for a day to fly to the moon. along with Discount coin
For more information you can visit the link below:



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