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Author Topic: [ANN] PeerNova announces PetaOne™ - world's most advanced Bitcoin mining system  (Read 1236 times)


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About PeerNova: We are leading the innovation in peer to peer applications and platforms for the digital currency and e-commerce markets. Our expertise is in building and deploying world class, high performance hardware and software solutions at the lowest OpEx and CapEx.

By bringing together technology veterans from Silicon Valley (HighBitCoin) and pioneers in making bitcoin mining accessible to the masses (, PeerNova is able to offer an unmatched portfolio of products and services, ranging from specialized infrastructure for digital currency transactions to cloud services available to a global audience.

Today, we are excited to announce PetaOne™ - the first system in the bitcoin mining industry designed with Petahash level, enterprise deployments in mind.  The PetaOne™ system delivers 50TH of performance in a standard 42U datacenter rack and is designed to consume an industry low 0.5W/GH

When asked about chip tapeout and delivery schedules, Dr Sherwani, CEO said, “We taped out a while ago and will begin shipping to customers in mid June. We have strong demand for our products and have now opened the July batch for sale.

Read more about what makes this system different and the PetaOne features in the press release that went out today:
PetaOne Press Release

While PetaOne is an enterprise offering, we continue to offer customers a very affordable entry into Bitcoin mining via cloud contracts via

For more information, please contact us: info at
You can also connect with us through Twitter (@peernova1) and other social media
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