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« on: March 21, 2014, 09:37:28 PM »
We would like to thank BitCoin Garden for allowing us to Post within the Forum details on Prypto.

Prypto is currently under Beta and will officially be launched on April 15th 2014.

Below is some details on what Prypto is, for detailed information please see the documentation we have available here:




What is Prypto?
  • Prypto is a Payment service company (Payments for Crypto), that will enhance and expand the Crypto Currency marketplace of today.
  • Creating an easy and familiar environment for everyday consumers to acquire Crypto Currencies.
  • Give consumers access to deposit Crypto Currencies into gaming, retail and online marketplaces with ease.
Prypto Codes

The code that is printed on each ScratchCard will be referred to as a Prypto Code, and each ScratchCard will have the Prypto Code covered for the owner to scratch off.
Prypto will control a database of these Prypto Codes that will allow the Prypto Codes to be pre-printed on ScratchCards ready to distribution when required.

Each ScratchCard will have an exposed reference number on it that will be used by Prypto, to allow verification of the Prypto Code related to that ScratchCard in case there was ever a dispute.


We will have an area of the web site that will allow 3rd parties to become resellers for the ScratchCards or Prypto Codes.

They will commit to purchasing a minimum order of 50 Cards on any virtual currency offered, using BitCoin.  At this stage, their reseller account will be created.

Resellers will be able to purchase the ScratchCards at a shown exchange rate, allowing the resellers to sell the ScratchCards for any rate they wish at the time of sale.

Merchant Directory

We will have an area of the and web sites that will list all the merchants who wish to be advertised in a directory, this will offer any contact information the merchant wishes to display promoting their site.

Reseller Directory

We will have an area of the and  web sites that will list all those authorised Resellers who wish to be advertised in a directory, this will offer any contact information the Reseller wishes to display to assist consumers to make contact.

Support Questions

If you have any support questions on our business please do visit


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