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Author Topic: [ANN] Dragon War - The best Turn based Strategy Game on The Fastest Blockchain  (Read 87 times)


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Like many blockchain enthusiasts out there, with an open mind and technology embracing mindset, we believe that blockchain in general and NFT Games in particular are not just a short term trend, it will change the game for many years to come. More than that, also as a true gamer, we believe that in the short term the market and trend may fluctuate, but the true game will be there, growing stronger, stable, determined and ultimately sustainable.

Thatís why Dragon War was designed ó where the top of turn-based strategy games meet the best NFT game on the fastest blockchain.

We have been working really hard on it for many months and they are currently at the final stages of development! Today, we are proud to say that Dragon War is one of the notable turn-based strategy NFT games, with top-notch graphics, smart logic, and a variety of amusement features.

Dragon War ó Overview

Dragon War is a turn-based strategy game in which characters are represented by unique NFTs on the blockchain system. The NFT will give players much better ownership rights as it is truly owned by them at their wallet address. These NFT characters are also very distinguished, with different appearance, attributes, and characteristics. They canít be tampered with and are completely on-chain.

Dragon War is similar to the famous Axie Infinity in many ways. In Dragon War, gamers use their heroes command line-up Dragons team to fight off evil in modern turn-based and card game style.

Lore, Plot & Storytelling

The game plot is set on Eragard, was home to many races and creatures, they all had to fight for their lives. Geva, the Goddess of Creation, created the first human beings in this tedious and primitive world. There were four dominant races in that world: Human, Elf, Wizard, and Orc. And, Dragon was designed in order to protect this peaceful world. The rulers of that majestic race of dragons were later called the Great Aspects.

So you can imagine, itís like a world thatís a land of spiritual splendor. A world filled with power and magic. Anyway, Eragardís the harsh life of the few people fighting each other for survival and supremacy. Itís not only a bad story to start with but also a pretty neat and mythical writing, donít you agree?

About Gameplay

Just like Axies, these NFT dragons will be built and minted, and should consist of many different unique body parts. If Axies can either be of pure breed or a hybrid of many different types with many different parts and abilities, Your dragons would like to be built in the same way.

All dragonís body parts have their own strengths and weaknesses. And this system means they can make every battle a different experience. Since the strategy is key, youíll want to pay attention to synergies between characters, dragon line-up, power cards and items also.

Synergies are a critical part of your strategy. Your own elemental dragon will consist of 4 characteristic attributes: Earth ó Fire ó Thunder ó Water and the incompatible mechanics in the game are Fire > Earth > Thunder > Water > Fire. They are similar to the rock-paper-scissor game. We are in the process of working on a new elemental dragon with a wood theme.

All update patches and more into the gameplay will be announced on our Social Networks and ANN channels. So please stay tuned and continue to support Dragon War more and more.

Letís build your own line-up of heroes and dragons on a journey to liberate the holy land. ó playable as soon as early 2022 ó


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