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Author Topic: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines | 25 January 2018 | Manila  (Read 402 times)


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  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines | 25 January 2018 | Manila

    Event Website:

    On January 25, Manila for the first time will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines, an event dedicated to cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO.

    Philippines is a pioneer in the digital assets regulation
    At the end of November 2017, the Philippines` Securities and Exchange Commission announced its intention to introduce cryptocurrencies in the legal field. This means that soon the state can become one of the pioneers in the field of regulating digital assets. Legislative security will positively affect the popularity of the Philippines in the crypto community.

    Participants are crypto industry professionals
    Crypto experts from all over the world will take part in the event: representatives of financial institutions, bankers, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, developers of blockchain solutions, startups and professional traders.

    Guests will enjoy not only the conference, but also an exhibition
    The event takes place in the format of a conference + exhibition, which simplifies the search for potential business partners. Within the conference, speakers will discuss legislative changes in the field of cryptocurrencies and tokens in the Philippines, share the experience of preparing a startup for the ICO, advise which digital assets should be invested in the new year and tell about the benefits of blockchain for business.

    Representatives of the international crypto community will gather in the exhibition area: suppliers of mining equipment and farms, crypto exchanged, blockchain projects and investment funds.

    The event is held by the international company Smile-Expo
    The organizer of the event is Smile-Expo, the company that conducts events of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference network in 15 countries of Europe and Asia.

    Venue: Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Manila.

    Follow the news on the official website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines.

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