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Author Topic: [ANN] Inddais | INIS | Buy & Seed to Harvest BNB yield forever  (Read 143 times)


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Inddais is a high-principled, community driven cryptocurrency that aims to deliver transparency in profit distribution by integrating a timed yielding farm and liquidity locked smart contract vault in its ecosystem. Inddais is the first of it’s kind cryptocurrency that empowers you to experience the ultimate power of block chain technology by delivering transparency, security, and simplicity. We do not adopt risky market trades or crypto exchanges to profit, Inddais tokens are fully backed by the mining farm we have deployed across the globe which are loaded with high configuration devices and customized high performing software applications from our years of research and developments.

Your investment in Inddais tokens do not have to face market luck or risks to keep growing as it is completely backed by the best technological foundation we have laid. This way, crypto users never have to fear the market conditions, by holding Inddais token, any crypto investor can steer through all sorts of market conditions safely.

he concept behind Inddais is as simple as rocket science

We have 3 contracts deployed:

1) Token Contract: 0x8a36F19cFb1B9b963A9bf664dd786Cc740EdC5D2
2) Farm Contract: 0xb539c94dAeE4B2916a9D2a702a98FC1af1028779
3) Vault Contract: 0x29030117cd3000172cAdbAc806ACc6eCD0c1F54c

When you BUY INIS and SEED it in the FARM, you will receive BNB yield from the VAULT

Your BNB yield depends on the number of tokens you have seeded and the duration. We add BNB to the vault constantly based on the mining outputs from our farms. Since the yield is paid as BNB, you do not have to sell your INIS tokens to book your profits. Which means, once bought, you can seed the same tokens in all seasons and claim your BNB forever.

Everything you need to know about INDDAIS:

1) Our Whitepaper and Handbook
2) Video on and the
3) We have passed the Solidity Audit. Click Here to read the report and Click Here to understand the sayings in the report


Soon Inddais will be listed in prominent crypto exchange services. To buy it for the basic price of 0.001 BNB / INIS, following are the options:

1) Visit our official website
2) You must have MetaMask plugin installed and some BNB in it
3) To buy tokens, visit and to seed tokens visit
Please watch this video to know

1) Download our official APP from Play Store: Inddais Wallet.
2) Create a New BNB Wallet or Import your existing wallet.
3) Click "Buy INIS", choose the number of tokens you wish to buy.
4) Tokens are transferred to your address immediately after confirmation.
5) Visit the "FARM" tab. Click "Add Seed", enter the number of tokens you wish to seed.
6) Tokens are seeded immediately after confirmation.
7) SWIPE down to refresh and see your BNB yield increasing every minute.

* IOS version coming soon
* Inddais wallet is non-custodial, hence your private keys does not leave your device.

You can transfer your BNB yield or Withdraw your seeded tokens anytime as you wish. There is no LOCK-IN period.

Once in every 30 days, you can sell 10% of the tokens you bought instantly. This feature comes handy to token holders when in need. Later when you have made sufficient profits from Buying and Seeding INDDAIS, and if you are from a country that taxes crypto holdings, you can utilize the incentivized BURN function to remove your INIS holdings and avoid any future taxes.

Apart from funding the vault, every aspects of the INDDAIS ECOSYSTEM is blockchain powered. And with our vast technological expertise and commitment towards what we are doing, we are sure that the Vault will grow constantly. Investing in new projects got its own risk factors, no matter what the method is offline, online or cryptocurrency. Indeed, it is the risk taken that pays off in the end and that is why we come across the standard disclaimers like “Subject to market risk”, “do not invest more than what you can afford to lose” or “do your own research before investing”. A lame investor never notices the warnings, an over cautious investor sees those warnings as red flags and stops, but a wise investor understands it as a yellow light and invests only after getting satisfied with the information provided. Think about the people who had invested $100 in bitcoin a few years back. It was an enormous risk then, but not now. Again, by saying this, we are not intending to sell huge profit dreams nor guaranteeing that the value of Inddais token too will rise to the sky, but still, Inddais too has its own possibilities to reach the top scorers, and no one can deny it. Any business venture where the promises are kept will have no barriers in growth.

With years spent on research, the knowledge and the technical assets we possess today will undoubtedly turn Inddais into an enhanced platform for all those people who aspire to embark into a stable crypto journey. Your contribution and trust will help us put our knowledge to work for mutual growth. The saying goes such, “A good crypto offers endless possibilities” and Inddais is one among them good.

It is always not wise to Assume & Act - when it comes to Investments. Feel free to Ask & Affirm.

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With Best Regards
Dr.Mayilvahanan Arumugam
Founder & CEO
Inddais Crypto Ltd
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