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Author Topic: [AIRDROP][ANN][PORNX] 🌟⭐️🌟 PORNX ⚡️Lightning network⚡️ payment system 🌟⭐️🌟  (Read 366 times)


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Welcome to PORN-X Project

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We are the PORN-X Project team, adore what we do and sincerely believe in the success of our project. Our team consists of experienced financiers, developers of blockchain-protocols, SMM professionals, traders because of what we like competing and impetuous people.
To introduce blockchain technologies into everyday life is our main goal. We set ourselves a very serious and interesting task. Combine two large sectors of the economy - the porn industry and the crypto currency.

That's why we have developed an innovative blockchain based platform for online payment of crypto-porn content all over the world. The PORNX solution is a payment platform that provides users of porn resources around the world with an online payment tool that works through a decentralized blockchain technology and a smart contract.

Users of digital currencies around the world have about 19 million people
and the total capitalization of digital currencies - 200 billion US dollars.
The profit of the porn industry from the sale of paid video content about 18 billion dollars.
People spend $ 49.5 million a day on paid pornographic content around the world.
To realize the goal, we need to create an entire eco-system and it will consist of:

1. Currency for payment on porn sites. The currency will be called PORN_coin (PORNX). PORNX is a registered trademark. The rights
belong to our company X-Wall LTD

2. Mobile app for purchases via QR code. X-Wall - The mobile application will be compatible with the Google Market and the Apple
Store. The application is
designed with the ability to store 20 popular currencies, as well as new tokens created on the ERC-20 protocol.

3. Payment system X-Q Pay - for payment using crypto-currency on porn sites.
The payment system based on the Lightning Network protocol will be automatically implemented on the site as a plug-in.
The plugin will have a QR code
for payment using crypto currency. The QR code will have the compatibility of all popular wallets, including our own X-Wall application
What is X-WALL?

This special licensed application is designed to perform a number of tasks, such as storing various crypto-currencies, entering and withdrawing funds using a credit card, transfers of crypto-currency, payment on partner sites using software X-Qpay , and it is also part of the boxed solution of the company X-WALL

What is X-Qpay?

This is a special software providing, which consists of two main parts, one part is embedded on the partners' sites and works on the principle of code generation
and the thief works as part of our licensed application in order to read the code and confirm the payment

What is PORN_coin(PORNX)

It is a token which is used as the main means of payment, which is based on etherium and protocol ERC-223 which meets all the security requirements and is necessary for a number of tasks, one of which is a payment facility on partner sites

Why is X-WALL Platform valuable?

A huge unoccupied market, with unresolved problems. The solution of these problems is the guarantee of the system's efficiency:

* High speed payment which provide our payment protocols created by using blockchain technologies.
* The ability to pay by scanning QR code using our mobile application and 20 partnerís applications.
* 5 digital currencies for payment.
* Payment transfers directly to the website owner to the company's current account.

Block Chain technology gives us the opportunity to connect the owners of the business and customers directly.
We donít have competitors on the market currently.
We are the only payment system that accepts TOP-5 crypto-currencies. We have registered trademark and patent solutions in the field of accepting crypto-currency as payment.

When will PORN-X be launched?
System is scheduled to be officially launched in the third quarter of 2018.

How many tokens will be minted in total including crowdsale, reserve, and team?
The ultimate total amount of tokens minted is 350,000,000.

What currencies will be accepted in the Token Crowdsale?
The only currency accepted in the crowdsale will be ETH. If you have different cryptocurrencies suchas BTC youíll have to exchange for ETH in order to participate.


Financial planning

Technical development of the project - 40%
Promotion of the project - 15%
Marketing - 18%
Integration partners - 5%
Operating expenses for the company - 5%
Salary fund before the release - 10%
Registration, patent development - 3%
Taxation and deductions - 4%

Token distribution

Pre-Sale - 5%
ICO - 70%
Bounty - 2%
Investors - 5%
Founders - 10%
Partners - 3%
Technical Core Team - 5%


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