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What is DENARO?

Denaro seamless payment ecosystem bridges the divide between cryptocurrencies and the mainstream market. The platform enables companies and individuals to send, spend, store, and exchange cryptos and fiat through secure web wallets, physical debit cards, merchant payment terminals, and IBAN.


Denaro is a versatile payment solution that enable users to store, spend, and transfer their cryptocurrencies on an intuitive interface and debit card that addresses crypto’s number one problem — physically spending it.

Denaro has developed secure and customizable SCI/APIs for merchant services that will facilitate the payments of goods and services online or offline using a web wallet or a physical debit card respectively.

Tired of juggling all those ETH and BTC wallets? Utilising Denaro’s multi-cryptocurrency wallet, you no longer need multiple addresses. Not only does it allow you to receive and store multiple cryptocurrencies under one address, it also allows you to spend them at any ATM or store.

Explainer Video :

Advantages of Denaro
For Merchants
  • Securely receive payments in BTC, ETH, or DNO through customizable SCI/APIs without worrying about having to handle multiple wallet addresses.
  • Instantaneous conversion of cryptos to BTC, ETH, or DNO and vice versa.
  • Accept payments in fiat and instantly convert cryptocurrencies to fiat to hedge against volatility.
  • Discounts and bonuses for merchants with volumes higher than $500,000, including; 1 free payment terminal and 50% off debit-card charges.
  • An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for receiving international transactions in fiat
  • Personalized debit-card designs for merchants with high volumes.

For Users
  • Store, spend and send Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Denaro from a single user interface.
  • Shop online and offline using a multi-cryptocurrency debit card.
  • No additional fees for sending cryptocurrencies outside of the Denaro wallet; only network fees apply.
  • An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for receiving international transactions in fiat.
  • Personalized debit-card designs for users with high volumes.


The Denaro private sale will offer DNO tokens to early contributors and investors to expedite platform development and facilitate the launch of the main/public token sale. The offer is scheduled as follows:

● Supply: 2,500,000
● Price: 3000 DNO/ETH
● Bonus: 25%
● Duration: 7 Days


Denaro will offer the remaining 62,500,000 DNO tokens a month after the private sales. The soft cap for the main/public ICO is 10,000,000 DNO.

● Minimum Contribution: $10
● Maximum Contribution: $100,000 (for contributions larger than the maximum amount, please contact [email protected] for proper processing and bonus allocation)
● Bonus: Starting from 25% and decreasing throughout the token sale when certain milestones are hit
● Duration: 35 Days
● Referral Commission: 3%

***This event is not open to contributors from the USA, China, and Singapore.

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