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Author Topic: - Decentralized, CLOUD SERVICE PLATFORM (MINING/BOUNTY) etc.  (Read 25 times)


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Hello Bitcoingarden,
CryoCloud Team here and we're happy to present to you our project.
Our goal is to create a decentralized cloud sharing service with the added aspect of a Human History Archive, which will keep humanities history. Each month our supporters will vote on the most interesting/crucial news that's happened. The people of the future will be able to jump in on any day, any year starting with 2018 and be able to get informed on the ongoing events at the time.
Our coin is a standard ERC20 token, which will server as rewards to our contributors, them being either loaners (miners, using your hard drive) or contributing to the archive by posting important articles, photos and such and marking it as "public" so the rest can vote on it.
You can reach out to us on here, twitter, facebook or telegram. We're actively trying to build a community, since this is a very "social" type of project. We do not have a pre-ico, none of our coins a premined.
Total supply is: 350,000,000 of which 60% (210,000,000) are going into our ICO, 10% for the founders, 10% put aside for a coinburn and 20% for unexpected costs and exchange listings (Binance, KuCoin, Cryptopia and EtherDelta already confirmed). We've got many helpful links on our website, so be sure to check it out our whitepapper/roadmap being the main things we've focused on.


We've also started hiring as publicity picks up, we're currently looking for python and java developers, marketing specialists, you can contact us on our social media:

Our official website:
Follow our twitter:
Telegram to chat with dev's and team members:


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