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Author Topic: Aethia — a brand new blockchain-based tamagtochi game with Ethereum  (Read 106 times)


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Recently I found an interesting game project called Aethia.
Its users are supposed to grow species like this one:

These species are called Ethergotchi. You can breed and raise them on the blockchain. Your actions will shape its personality and attributes. And of course you are supposed to sell them for Ether.

This project is new and is going to be launched in the middle of February, 2018. Now we can gain some Ethereum by involving new referrals for this game. Here are their prices:

3 referrals for a common egg (0.01 ETH)
10 referrals for a uncommon egg (0.05 ETH)
20 referrals for a rare egg (0.20 ETH)
50 referrals for a super rare egg (1.00 ETH)
100 referrals for an epic egg (5.00 ETH)
250 referrals for a mythic egg (20.0 ETH)
500 referrals for a legendary egg (100.0 ETH)

Here is my referral link:


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