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Author Topic: Cyber Risks & Blockchain | February 26-27, 2018 | Saint-Petersburg, Russia  (Read 220 times)


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  • Cyber Risks & Blockchain | February 26-27, 2018 | Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    Event Website:

    According to a FBI report, to date cyber crime has outstripped illegal drug activity, coming up on top. We can put an end to cyber crime if we unite our efforts. "Together" is a motto of the conference "Cyber Risks & Blockchain" to take place in Saint-Petersburg on February,26-27.

    Among the guests of the conference there are IT & Security directors, innovation managers, business proprietaries, cyber experts, Blockchain-evangelists, investors and anyone interested in innovative solutions connected with information security and effective business development.

    Among the conference speakers there are opinion leaders, experts and practicians, researchers and scientists from different countries. All problems discussed at the conference are directly associated with successful activity of every modern company in conditions of market competition.

    The programme of the conference includes questions, technologies and methods which can help to secure digital electronic and information systems, as well as analyzes opportunities of Blockchain technology in order to increase effectiveness when interacting with a client. "Cyber security in Blockchain is more reliable than in many traditional systems - is it so?"

    To ensure greater data exchange efficiency the conference envisages a discussion panel in the format of a round-table. Due to the involvement of companies representatives from various spheres, the participants will be able to obtain several points of view on solution of the problems connected with cyber risks, estimate them and make conclusions about viability of applying them in particular cases.

    For some conference participants Business and VIP zones are set up for the purpose of conducting business meetings with potential partners without detaching oneself from the conference programme, what as a rule turns out to be the basis of partnership in future.
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