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free 10$
« on: January 27, 2015, 12:04:18 PM »

Join the Bitcoin Revolution
South East Asia’s first Multi-Currency Bitcoin Wallet + Debit Card
Click here - Sign Up for an early access invite & get $10

Why Cryptosigma?
Be Your Own Bank

Send, Spend, Receive Bitcoin using our smart phone wallet app + Visa Debit Card. Buy and Sell in and out of your preferred currency for as little as just 0.1%

Whenever, wherever - Bitcoin is the democratisation of money.

Bank Grade Security

The CryptoSigma platform’s multi-signature architecture means you can keep your Bitcoin safe – without surrendering your private keys to a third party. We do not control your do!

Visa Debit Card

Order our Visa Debit card and load it with funds using bitcoin at or via our smartphone wallet app. Withdraw cash at any ATM globally or use your debit card anywhere visa is accepted.

Money the way it Should be

CryptoSigma is the first Platform to offer a Bitcoin wallet that gives you the choice to Auto Exchange any received bitcoin into the currency of your choice.

What does this Mean?

Bitcoin is still young, so the price is still volatile. By using Cryptosigma's Auto-Exchange function you can choose to keep your money in local currency instead of Bitcoin. When you receive Bitcoins they will automatically be converted into your chosen currency; meaning you never have to worry about price volatility.

#making a donation to me, I will give this trick  :)


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