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Author Topic: DoleCoin – Where humanity begins! (Airdrop available)  (Read 42 times)


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DoleCoin – Where humanity begins! (Airdrop available)
« on: January 13, 2018, 03:00:00 PM »
Dole Coin might just be ANOTHER of the upcoming ICO, but let me stop you right there! Dole Coin is not just ANOTHER name of the upcoming ICO, it is a dream! A dream where everyone should get equal treatment, a dream where everyone can eat 3 times a day properly, and a dream to make this world a BETTER place!

Dole Coin uses an open source, peer to peer community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that will allow everyone regardless of their financial class to engage in charity while also able to earn handsome returns from it.

Dole Coin is a charity and profit sharing initiative, integrated in and powered by the innovative blockchain technology. The Dole foundation is built only with one purpose, and that’s to solve problems for the third class citizens all over the world and that to be done in the way that benefits everyone involved in the project.

And with that Dole Coin has given charity work a lucrative touch! It is through their epic Investment Scheme with providing us Daily Interest that goes up to 1.5% for just holding up their Coins, so now you can sit and earn with doing basically NOTHING thanks to this magnificent Bonds Interest returns scheme!

With Dole Coin sales running at $0.85 per coin in the final round of sales that ends in 3 days, it is the opportunity that will ensure everyone can participate and be in profits right away. Much like any successful coin, it is going to be same with Dole Coin with the value in rise as things move ahead!

So now come forward to be part of this memorable journey early to gain most, and to contribute most! Come be part of Dole Coin, where Humanity begins!

You can also join upon the Airdrop from here

For further details, check out below

Official Website – 

DolePaper (Whitepaper) –

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