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Author Topic: Inr Coin Vision | Global decentralized shopping and services platform  (Read 256 times)


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Global decentralized shopping and services platform via the blockchain technology
Inr Coin Vision
INRC platform is created to provide a secure and decentralized platform where sellers and buyers are able to meet and transact at lower costs without the need for middlemen. Buyers will have the chance to purchase different items from one platform, saving time used to shop in different websites. INRC wishes to provide a faster and flawless shopping experience for the users of the platform. INRC provides shoppers and sellers from different regions across the globe a platform to interact and transact at low fees.
Spend Inr Coin

INRC is a shopping and services Eco-system powered, generated and controlled by user. With INRC, users of the INRC platform will be able to shop and spend their tokens without a limit. The system is powered by the users who hold the tokens, which run the platform. Through this platform you can shop for food, drinks, health services, beauty products and services, clothing and apparel, hotel and vacation booking and others. All these can be paid for using INRC.
User Rewards Mechanism

INRC platform uses a reward mechanism to offer appreciation, compensation, recognition and benefits to the users. The rewards are in form of INRC that can be used to do further shopping on the platform or as a form of investment. This will in turn increase the amount of coins that users have in their wallets. The reward mechanism is used to promote the active users and encourage others to use the platform. The retail tokens will enable holders to obtain discount from merchants.
No Commission on Market Place

Users of this platform such as hotels, health facilities, ecommerce portals and vacation booking services can use the INRC integrated marketplace without paying any fees. With this decentralized platform, there will be no commission charged on the sellers in order for their products and services to be visible to shoppers. With the decentralized INRC eco-system, users of the platform only need to have INRC and be registered on the platform..
Cloud Funding Platform
INRC has an eco-system community which reviews and rates startups. Innovative startups seeking funding and expertise can sign up to the platform to get the relevant assistance on how to set up. The Ethereum blockchain enables access to the INRC user base hence funding can be made from different tokens in the ERC 20 standard. The INR COIN (INRC) are also easily traded and exchanged to other crypto currencies in different exchanges making them highly liquid and valuable to the users.

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