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Author Topic: Bitcoin Garden Forum: 15 Nov 2017 Newsletter #14  (Read 939 times)


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  • Bitcoin Garden Forum: 15 Nov 2017 Newsletter #14
    « on: November 15, 2017, 03:00:10 PM »
    Hello my dear forum member.

    This is Secco, admin of Bitcoin Garden Forum, writing. Welcome to this new edition of the Bitcoin Garden Newsletter. While the Bitcoin civil war is making the community crazy, let's see what other interesting things are on the air. In this edition, I picked some interesting stuff for you. including a couple of quick Bitcoin giveaways you can enter with few clicks; also, in the final part of the newsletter there are the latest news about the forum.

    A WARNING FOR NEWBIES! If you're brand new on crypto, take some time to learn. Security of your wallets, first of all, but also the dynamics of the crypto markets. I know you all want to make money with crypto, but remember there's no easy money here, nor in other places. There are money for the ones who study and think twice before taking any action. Be extremely careful with ICOs. There are maybe some good opportunities but also a lot of craps or... traps... or call them as you like the more... In short, before even thinking of investing your BTC/ETH somewhere, due diligence! Study the project, think if the plan makes sense, research about the people behind the projects, talk to other users... be responsible!

    BINARY.COM ICO – THE WORLD'S FIRST ICO WITH 18 YEARS OF HISTORY: Founded in 1999, is the pioneer in online binary options trading. It's a profitable and debt-free company that's reached the ideal stage for an IPO. But with the progress of blockchain technology, they've decided to perform an "IPO on the blockchain" instead with securities-backed tokens that come with real economic benefits. Tokens grant you the right to dividend payments, and also the right to convert the tokens into Ordinary Shares. has also reached an agreement to list the tokens on the crypto-asset exchange after the ICO. This means that the tokens can be bought and sold (just like shares on a stock exchange) and potentially increase in value. The token sale runs from 15 November to 25 December 2017. For more info, visit:

    BITCOIN GIVEAWAY! Digital Asset University is running a cool contest on Gleam. Reward is 0.01 BTC for one lucky winner. Entering the contest just takes a few clicks, so it may worth a try:

    CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! ICO Examiner is offering a chance to win one of four $500 Bitcoin prizes or one of twenty Ledger Nano S. Winners will be drawn at random and the results will be announced on Christmas Day at 10 AM GMT. To Enter:

    INSANE COIN HIRED A NEW DEVELOPER: Two days ago, the InsaneCoin Team, introduced @MrOK to the community. He's the new lead developer for the INSN coin. You can see the official announcement on their official thread on the forum:

    NEW PARTNERSHIP! BITCOIN GARDEN AND SOPHIATX: We're proud to announce our latest partnership with the blockchain startup SophiaTX. SophiaTX is a new innovative project led by Equidato Technologies AG, to launch an open source platform aimed at connecting the world of enterprise applications and blockchain. The SophiaTX platform, suitable for businesses of all sizes, will allow a global community of SAP experts, consultants and developers to deliver blockchain capabilities to enterprises across all industries. The adoption is supported by a marketplace which includes APIs and common building blocks, specifically developed for widely-used ERP and CRM systems and other business applications which will allow for inter-connectivity with their respective APIs all supported by the blockchain network. You can read the detail on their official blog:

    LEARNING CRYPTO: The next weeks are full of crypto events taking place in various countries. In this newsletter you will find a brief summary of the top ones and a couple of promo codes that will allow you to get tickets at discounted price, in case you want to attend. A more comprehensive list of events can be found at: where you're also welcome to share your favourite events and local meetups!

    AI WORLD FORUM TORONTO: The AI World Forum is a 2-day (November 27-28, 2017) educational innovation conference that brings together global thought leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to advance the dialogue on the AI revolution. The AI World Forum explores leadership trends in Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Infrastructure, Health Care, Cyber-Security, Self-Driving Cars, Chatbots, Law & Ethics, Banking, Defence, Food Security and Diversity in AI and its impacts on the global economy. There will be a networking cocktail party, as part of the 3rd Annual Canadian FinTech and AI Awards on the evening of November 27, 2017, for registered attendees and sponsors of the AI World Forum. Bitcoin Garden users can use code BG20 at checkout for a 20% discount. More info:

    ICO EVENT AMSTERDAM: On November 29, Amsterdam will host a conference dedicated to the modern startup investing tool: Initial Coin Offering. The event called ICO Event Amsterdam 2017 will bring together around 300 participants: investors, lawyers and blockchain project developers, who have managed to attract millions of investments due to the Initial Coin Offering. An exhibition area will be a significant part of the event. About 20 companies will show their solutions: virtual currency exchanges, blockchain platforms to assist in ICO preparations, cryptocurrency payment systems. More info:

    BLOCKCHAIN & BITCOIN CONFERENCE CYPRUS: 30 November 2017 leading players of the Cyprus cryptocurrency market will be brought together in Nicosia that will host the conference dedicated to digital currencies and blockchain. The event is aimed at providing the business community with answers related to decentralized technologies. Guests will be able to listen to presentations on relevant issues for the community and to attend the exhibition of innovative software based on the blockchain. The conference is expected to bring together the audience of over 300 people, and the exhibition will engage about 25 companies. Organizers offer students interested in this issue to attend the event at a special price. Details:

    BLOCKCHAIN EXPO NORTH AMERICA: The world’s largest Blockchain conference & exhibition, is making its debut in Silicon Valley, CA, this fall. The Expo will be taking to Santa Clara Convention Center on 29 & 30 November. Among the confirmed speakers, exhibitors and start-ups is IBM, Uber and GE. Co-located with IoT Tech Expo and AI Expo, the events are expected to attract close to 10,000 delegates across the two days, making it a fantastic environment for networking. Across the two days, Blockchain Expo are offering five conference tracks, for both free and paid delegates. These include Developing for Blockchain, and Transforming Financial Services. Users of Bitcoin Garden can get a 20% discount on tickets using code BITGARDEN20 at checkout! More info:

    BLOCKCHAIN & BITCOIN CONFERENCE MALTA: December 7, St. Julian’s will host the event for all those interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in terms of business – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta. Its participants include entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and IT specialists working with blockchain and digital currencies. The event will be attended by representatives of the Government of Malta. At the beginning of the event, they will make a welcoming speech. Speakers of the conference are analysts of the cryptocurrency markets; financial and legal experts; blockchain developers; representatives of startups and large companies that use blockchain technology; cryptocurrency and venture investors. The organizer is Smile-Expo, the company that has already held more than 10 large blockchain events. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta is a part of the conference network around the world. More info:

    BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE ABU DHABI: On December 7, 2017, Abu Dhabi will host for the second time the main Blockchain conference of the MENA region - Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi (BConference), which will bring together representatives of the Blockchain industry from around the world to talk about their successful experience of using the technology in the most relevant areas for the region. Users of Bitcoin Garden can get a 10% discount on tickets using code BCAD-10 at checkout! More info:

    BLOCKCHAIN & BITCOIN CONFERENCE SLOVENIA: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia will take place in the capital of the country, Ljubljana, on December 12, 2017. It is one of the first major conferences in the Balkans dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It will bring together industry representatives: from beginning enthusiasts to well-known specialists. The conference will focus on the blockchain community of Slovenia and the ways of its further development. Participants will discuss blockchain-based government projects, cryptocurrency regulation in the country, promising activity areas for startups. Participants will also address the global aspect: ICOs, cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies in the world; their future; investment opportunities. Within the conference, there will be the exhibition of technological and software innovations for the industry. More info:

    HYDROMINER TOKEN SALE COMPLETED! HydroMiner is one of a kind mining farm using hydro power stations in the Austrian Alps for energy, thereby reaching up to 85% cheaper energy prices than the European average. On September 25th, HydroMiner had a public pre-sale of H2O tokens, specifically designed for those who wanted to become the early investors in HydroMiner. Planned was to keep the pre-sale open for a week, however the 18,705,000 H2O tokens allocated for the pre-sale were sold out in 36 minutes! The main Token Sale (ICO) started October 18, 2017 and terminated earlier today raising almost $3m, which is a great success. Congrats to the team for the great job done so far!

    UNDER RADAR OF THE MONTH - BITCOINSULTING, BITCORE, EUROPECOIN: The Bitcoinsulting team has been formed by some altcoin teams joining their resources, two years ago. They formed one of the most active cryptolabs that have been successfully running the beautiful coins so far, ever coin unique in his kind, configuration and specification. Their list of innovations, contributed to the community is vast. They have been experimenting with future Bitcoin cores since a long time. Their latest development beats any Bitcoin fork by far in any of the specs, discussed by the community. BITCORE / BTX started at 5 dollar and has been tripling by natural growth and appreciation till today. Now network growth suggest it to surpass its competing coins very soon:

    EUROPECOIN: While BTX has been running wild, an older fellow from this team has been maturing from a takeover, that searched for its way to survive, into a multi dev-teams project with roadmaps, goals and visions on many fronts. I am talking about Europecoin. This coin has started the takeover as a "grassroots lobby currency to promote decentralization", which is a vague goal, as long as you can't prove it. But while they where progressing in technical terms (great new wallet, Termdeposit, FINANCECLOUD API) they made also strong efforts to get involved into advising governments. They did a first shot at the European Commission half a year ago. While not having succeeded then, they used the lessons learned and started over again. This month they released their roadmap for Europecoin in a more decentralized European Union and have been listed in Brussels as the first official cryptocurrency advisor group. This is a very strong and also entertaining coin, because it has a technical policy AND a social policy. Their overactive developments and announcements are never boring and they just launched their own podcast channel three month ago:

    AGRELLO: Agrello, a blockchain startup developing LegalTech solutions on the basis of smart-contracting technology, announced its partnership with facial recognition-based id verifier Veriff. Agrello develops a service package, allowing users to create, sign and execute digital agreements, secured and powered by blockchain technology. In order to generate sound, digital identities, which are necessary to render digital signatures legally-binding, Agrello formed a partnership with online-id verifier Veriff. Building on Veriff’s solution, Agrello creates a cryptographically secured, blockchain-based ID, which Agrello-users can then use to identify themselves and sign contracts anywhere, without having to undergo additional Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Read all details here:

    BYTEBALL LATEST NEWS: There had been a lot of new things happening in the past weeks, including the first ICO on Byteball, new markets, new merchants, first binary options trading website, and several bugfix releases and one more step to readable asset names. Tony Churyumoff, the founder and chief developer of the platform was intervied by Huffingtonpost and he will be one of the speakers at You can find all news on their official thread here:

    ANOTHER RECORD MONTH FOR BITCOIN GARDEN! June 2017 marked a record for number of new registrations with 1249 new members in a single month. Last month of October was almost another record with 1245 new members. This year is magical for the forum, with already 7862 new member. This is more than the last three years combined. Way to go! More members means more fun, more knowledge to share, more giveaways and promos, in short... more business for you!

    BITCOIN GARDEN MARKETPLACE: Do you have stuff to sell? Or maybe, do you offer some kind of goods or services for the crypto community? Then you may want to stop by our marketplace and post your items! It only takes few seconds and cost nothing!

    THE HEROES OF THE GARDEN! This month 3 new users entered the club of "Garden Heroes", they are: cryqtovn83, tycoonheaven, and hasar. Congrats guys!

    NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE: All the past editions of this newsletter are available on the forum, in the newsletter archive:

    That's all folks! Enjoy your garden! As usual, comments and feedback are welcome. Secco.
    Hacker, Pirate, Milf Hunter, Owner of Bitcoin Garden


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