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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO]🚀🚀 - Worldwide Exchange With No Restriction🌟🌟🌟🌟  (Read 808 times)


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Exchange with no restriction to any legal tender

Arousal is a global exchange with a OTC market that allows users to trade Bitcoin Ethereum and ALTCOINS with Legal Tender. It is an innovation as an exchange to accept the OTC+EXCHANGE model and encourages guarantors to participate in resolving OTC trust issues. Therefore, users with any Legal Tender in the worldwide could get involved in the Cryptocurrency exchange with no restrictions.

ART Token Detail & White Paper:


Arousal OTC
People trading bitcoins on OTC platform by p2p, and ‘Zero confirm’ has been realized between Arousal trading market and OTC to transfer Bitcoin.

The guarantee mechanism solves the credit problem of the legal tender payment in the transaction, and guarantor must confirm the transaction in Arousal, then bitcoins will be paid from seller to buyer‘s address.

Global Exchange
Guarantor can come from all over the world, and they support the payment method in each country where they are. People from any country will be supported to trade in Arousal Exchange, and people will never worry about the category of legal tender.


The Arousal Token
Arousal will Issue Arousal Token, which is short for ‘ART’. The total number is 100 million at constant and will never issue additionally. ART is a decentralized digital asset in blockchain that is distributed by Arousal based on ERC-20 token standard of Ethereum.

Token Circulation Regulation
(1) Total number of ART token is 100 Million.
(2) 20% token for Crowdsale.
(3) 10% hold by the team members.
(4) Remaining 70% token will be used to reward traders in the platform.

Trade mining
On basis of the commission fee generated from each trading, traders will be rewarded ‘ART’, which is worth at 20% of the commission fee.

Repurchase Token
Commission fee generates from each successful trading. After proceeding each matching order, 30% of commission valued BTC, ETH or other base currency will be added into order sequence, to repurchase ART. The ART repurchased by Arousal will be destroyed and indivertible forever.  

Discount for commission fee
When ART reaches up to 300k in investor’s account, commission fee can be exempted. When the balance of ART is below 300k, following rules will be obeyed:

Hold ART 100k, 20% off from total commission fee,
Hold ART 150k, 40% off from total commission fee,
Hold ART 200k, 60% off from total commission fee,
Hold ART 250k, 80% off from total commission fee

Likewise, same benefits will be given to traders if they can transfer their ART to Ethereum wallet supporting ERC20 and offer account address to Arousal, as long as the amount accords with the above eligibility.


Issuance model
ICO token will perform in Arousal. Customer will purchase it in common method, by which Arousal lists ART in the sell order at a standard price. Crowdfunding can be completed when all the ART are sold out in the order list. Crowdfunding only recognizes Bitcoin.

ICO Details
1/11/ 2017 – 30/12/2017
20,000,000 ART for Crowdsale

Early Birld ICO
1BTC=45,000 ART
Release 3,000,000 ART
Softtop = 30 BTC

1BTC=40,000 ART
Release 7,000,000 ART
Softtop = 50 BTC

1BTC=35,000 ART
Release 10,000,000 ART
Softtop = 100 BTC

ICO cycle
Early Birld ICO:  1/11/ 2017 – 5/11/2017
Pre ICO:  10/11/ 2017 – 20/11/2017
ICO:    1/12/ 2017 – 30/12/2017

The part of ART that does not reach the hardtop will be destroyed

Procedure of Issuance
According to the route program, the platform will be uploaded on 15/12/2017. At that time, purchased ART will be automatically distributed into buyers’ own accounts as well as synchronized entrance of deposit and withdraw.

Capital distribution allocation
Arousal will use ICO money to strictly follow the way of allocating capital, and publicly open BTC address after crowdfunding. Next, purposes and usage will be published every time when use the capital.
40% Technique development
10% Platform promotion
10% Law affair
30% Platform capital reserve

Time Line

Aug 2017,  group established
Our group founded in August, 2017, and the company registered in Romania. The group members come from German and Australia.

Nov 2017,  Crowdsale
Crowdsale will last for 60 days.Plan to sell 20,000,000 Arousal Token.

Nov 2017,  bring OTC online
After the ART, team’s effort will concentrate on OTC and technology development in exchange. We will bring OTC online in the second half of Nov to carry out promotion strategy.

Dec 2017,  Arousal formally be online
Arousal will keep promised performance, namely, pressure test before online and deploy security.

Q1 2018

Decentralized will be the future trend. To follow the pace, Arousal will open and test 5-10 kinds of cryptocurrency and make them ready for transit to future decentralized exchange.

Q4 2018
Build a decentralized exchange..

:) :)^^ Follow us ^^ :) :)


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This looks good :)


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