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Author Topic: [ANN] AML BitCoin - first AML compliant cryptocurrency ICO live  (Read 3888 times)


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[ANN] AML BitCoin - first AML compliant cryptocurrency ICO live
« on: October 13, 2017, 04:04:47 PM »

Official Websites

Aml BitCoin:

AML BitCoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is now accepting both fiat and crypto.
USD$, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether

Phase 1: US$ 1 / per token, until 13.5 million tokens sold.

Escrow: The AML BitCoin team does not receive any funds until all purchasers receive their AML Tokens. We are not holding ANY ICO funds.

Find out how to take part in the AML BitCoin Token Sale.
This video shows you how you can set up a wallet.

People will have 4 to 6 months to convert AMLTokens to AML BitCoin on a 1:1 base.
To claim your AML BitCoin you will need to have identified yourself according to the instructions.
AML Tokens will be available for trading on several cryptocurrency exchanges for 4 to 6 months. More platforms will be announced soon!

HitBTC who does over $100 Million in Transactions every 24 Hours just confirmed it will list Aml Token

Be prepared and install your wallet first.
AML Token Wallet: Now available for download. Windows, Linux, Mac. Please visit:

AML Token Blockexplorer:

Social Media

Follow on Twitter
Join Telegram Group
NAC LinkedIn

AML BitCoin video news and explainers:

Arabic (review)شرح مشروع AMLbitcoin و العملة الأكثر حماية من بين العملات

AML Bitcoin Review - Anti-Money Laundering

Egypt (review): عملة جديده باسم AML Bitcoin تعرف عليها و سارع بشراء الرموز الخاصه بها بسعر 1$

AML BitCoin Token - Upgrading AML Token Wallet from v1 to v1.1

What is AML BitCoin?

10 second teaser Tokensale:

Crypto Coin Show AMLBitCoin ICO - AML Compliant Cryptocurrency

Crypto Coin Show AMLBitCoin - Regulatory Compliant Cryptocurrency - FinTech News Network

Links to patent documents:

Latest Press:

AML BitCoin Announces Breakthrough Meetings With Estonian and Slovenian Government Leaders

AML BitCoin meeting with Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom and key leaders at the London Stock Exchange.

Creator of AML BitCoin on Track to Partner with Panama Canal

AML BitCoin Appoints Ricaurte Vasquez to Board of Advisors

Cryptocurrencies Versus the Central Banks

Тип используемой для оплаты валюты больше не имеет значения для клиентов AML BitCoin ICO
english version: Type of Currency No Longer an Issue for AML BitCoin ICO

AML BitCoin Appoints Four New Members to its Executive Team

AML BitCoin ICO Now Accepting All Forms of Currency

Soccer-Mom-Friendly AML BitCoin Will Make Digital Currencies Mainstream

AML BitCoin strides onto the world stage. Upgraded cryptography can defeat sanctions evasion

This New Bitcoin Could Totally Change the Game. AML BitCoin is the latest development among rapidly changing cryptocurrencies.
Here's what you need to know. 'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort Reveals One Big Concern About Bitcoin (video interview)

Building a Better Bitcoin

Angela Knight CBE appointed Vice President of European Affairs for AML BitCoin

New Cryptocurrency AML BitCoin Launched in Panama

Cryptocurrency’s Future May be Now: Meet AML BitCoin

AML BitCoin: The Decentralized, AML Compliant Cryptocurrency Onboards Carlos De La Guardia

Cryptocurrency's Future May Be Now. How San Francisco could help change the way we think about money.

Members of the US Congress Plan to Create a Compliant Version of Bitcoin

Jack Abramoff to train bitcoin activists in new reality TV show

Congress May Be Considering Cryptocurrency Protections

Congress Considering Validating Bitcoin

New Reality Docu-Series About Bitcoin to Explore Regulation

People interested in older articles, there is a collection of links from 2014-2015 on the old Atencoin thread o bitcointalk. (
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Re: [ANN] AML BitCoin - first AML compliant cryptocurrency ICO live
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2017, 11:13:13 AM »
What is AML BitCoin?

AML BitCoin: Financial gateway to the larger global financial world. Fully compliant with AML/KYC in many countries


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