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Author Topic: [ANN] Welcome! International Ethereum marketplace Cryptolocator is open!  (Read 168 times)


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Cryptolocator(dot)com - International Ethereum Marketplace

We are glad to announce the Marketplace open!

Our p2p platform is in some way a fork of the well-known Localbitcoins, but for Altcoins instead of “digital gold”.

On Cryptolocator buyers and sellers meet together for trading Ethers; later on a range of other popular altcoins will be added.

Users get the functional they are used to, as well as secure transaction mechanisms and service improvements.

Being a p2p platform, Cryptolocator supports a wide range of exchange methods.

As a free marketplace, we give you the opportunity to use:

- bank transfers,


- Qiwi,

- Mastercard,

- Visa,

- E-money,

- gift cards,

- cash at ATM

and even to invent your own way of payment!

Cryptolocator users set their own conditions of trading according to general rules of the Marketplace in terms of security and parties protection.

Transactions are protected by:

- an escrow -  the system of depositing (holding) funds on the account for the operation;

- support by a qualified team of financial, legal and technical specialists;

- system of user reputation.

User data is maximally protected and encrypted, the access security is provided by two-factor authorization.

The upgrowth of the Marketplace will be arranged in several stages, including:

- launching to mobile platforms,

- popular altcoins introduction,

- launching the marketplace of things,

- merchant-functional,

- blockchain-implementation.

Still thinking? — Register in October and get 0,25% fee for 6 months!

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