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Author Topic: Facebook On Hiring Spree For Its Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Unit  (Read 264 times)


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Facebook works on its own cryptocurrency and blockchain applications and wants to scale.

Social networking giant Facebook is looking for managers to work in the secret Blockchain division of the company and for its own blockchain and cryptocurrency applications. Facebook listed 22 job vacancies on its careers page, including business consultants, product managers, etc. In its head offices at Menlo Park, the social media giant has a team of 50 experts. However, it shows no signs of dropouts due to the number of job postings on its careers page, and adds hires it made in late last year.

“In hundreds, before the end of the year his team could be able to continue the hiring spree of the Facebook blockchain,” the report says.

In recent times, several companies have wanted to add new revenue streams to their business models, and Blockchain has become popular as a way of boosting businesses.

Given the nature of the listings, Facebook appears to focus especially on blockchain onboarding experts in the areas of marketing, UX design, product administration, software engineering, and law.

While early reports indicated that the company was trying to block Certain Chain aspects, Hearsay suggested that Facebook is deeply concerned with the launch of its own cryptocurrency.

For a technical account director and the SEC reporting team, there is one noteworthy listing. It shows that Facebook is fully aware that blockchain creates unique challenges when it comes to dealing with regulators.

The news of this blockchain hire round also alludes to a trend uncovered by Hard Fork in the last few months, which is that technological giants gradually increase their decentralized technological efforts.

If the hiring spree of Facebook continues, its team may reach a hundred before the end of the year.



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