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Author Topic: PROOF: ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD  (Read 541 times)


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« on: October 05, 2017, 07:33:27 PM »

Proof is a blockchain-powered marketplace for the masses.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to own and trade a part of any real asset.

We created ten easy to use tools that leverage blockchain technology to empower everyday transactions.  Over the last year, Proof Suite has empowered blockchain entrepreneurs with their applications and educational material, including , a blockchain-backed asset marketplace, , a mobile app, and more.  Our growing community has guided us the entire way, helping with testing, building alongside us, and deploying assets on our core product, The Proof Dashboard.  We would love your feedback and to collaborate with you to take the next step on our path to democratize capital markets.

Our already released flagship platform creates ERC-20 compliant tokens backed by real assets, allowing low barrier investing and the definition of a high number of assets and traunches paid for by fiat, Ethereum, or Bitcoin.  Likewise, since all users control their wallets and private keys, the tokens they issue truly belong to them.  As the centerpiece, the dashboard and marketplace will be the core of the exciting changes we have planned as the tokensale allows for mass growth due to the introduction of mass exchange liquidity and verification capabilities.   

We are now working on V1 of our many beta projects, after having learned a bit from our interactions with approx. 5,000 active users on our platforms. Today, anyone can create an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency on our platform. Users can tokenize property investments, company equity, community currency, securitized debt, and more. However, how can you validate the value and competence of issuers without a centralized credit agency or compliance board? Today, we have a simple reputation system, but reputation systems can be gamed especially if their rules are known and participants do not place stake alongside their assertions. We developed the the Assurance Market Protocol to eliminate the trust that is required to make investments around the world.

Although the dashboard has seen steady growth and shares many elements of centralization of other blockchain asset platforms.  Our whitepaper presents an outline on how we intend to automate even the most subjective of processes using all parts of the blockchain.  From the emergent incentives and value transfer of tokens to the automated logic deployed on a public chain offered by smart contracts, the AMP system laid out in the paper empowers the 'wisdom of the crowd' to verify assets in a self regulating way.



TaaS is the first closed-end fund for blockchain-based assets. TaaS plans to leverage Proof's upcoming AMP protocol to trade not only traditional cryptocurrencies but real-world assets and securities that are making their way onto the blockchain via Proof. TaaS has already purchased 884 ETH of Proof's presale token. This is what TaaS had to say about Proof:

"Through this new innovative platform, real estate, businesses, interest-yielding business loans and even commodities can now become ownership tokens, available for anyone to buy. Proof provides seamless access to investment deals by using smart contracts on a decentralized platform."

The public sale begins 1ST NOVERMBER 2017: Countdown & Signup Here.

Proof token (PRFT) holders earn 3% fees (instantly) from the resolution of investment prediction market events, as well as .5% fees from crypto-USD and crypto-fiat purchases.  All fees will be paid in Ether.  Proof will offer for sale 1,181,031 PRFT tokens out of a total minted of 2,362,062 PRFT.  Now, how are the rest of the tokens used? We are in the same boat as you. Proof Suite earns revenue from our decentralized marketplaces and crypto-fiat which contribute earnings to tokenholders.  There will be no more tokens issued after the initial token creation.

The Half of Proof's tokens that are offered in the public sale, are used to seed crypto-fiat support token smart contracts which protect against cryptocurrency price volatility. This crypto fiat can be held in EVS-compatible smart contracts in insurance mechanisms, investment vehicles, and prediction markets. This way, users are investing trustlessly on the blockchain, without investing in BOTH the underlying assets and cryptocurrencies at the same time. This will bring many more funds, individuals, companies and others onto the blockchain and power the future blockchain-based economy.  Proof will not offer these tokens public exchange for the foreseeable future as they are the core revenue mechanism for the platform itself, meaning that Proof operations will be funded after the initial token sale by the activity and success of the market itself.

We look forward to your feedback, criticisms, and suggestions.  As we are mostly developers on our core team, we seek help especially in marketing. We are hiring.

The Public Presale has begun.  Upon purchase of presale tokens, ERC-20 placeholder tokens will immediately be deposited into the sending Ethereum wallet.  Upon the beginning of the Public Tokensale on October 8th, Tokens will be sent out to the addresses of all Presale tokens (PPT - temporary) at a 1:1 ratio and the exchange token (PRFT) will be deposited.

Details of the token presale are available here:

If you are interesting in getting involved:

Proof Slack:

If you are interested in a bounty program, we have a #bounty channel where we would love to hear your ideas and contribute to you in both Proof and ETH to help push our initiative.

Bounty thread:

You're awesome. Thank you.
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