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Author Topic: [ANN] KiraGame - visual novels - no ico, no pre-sale  (Read 62 times)


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[ANN] KiraGame - visual novels - no ico, no pre-sale
« on: March 02, 2019, 03:24:51 PM »
Development of visual novels

NovaExcahnge listing Strength Core

Project info
Greetings. We are a young team of programmers, we are not many, but we love our work.
At the moment this is a pre-announcement of the project will be updated.

We want to present you a project for the development of visual novels.
KiraGame has a team of four volunteer programmers. We also expect that our team will be replenished with new employees.

We decided on the name, we are already writing the first script for our first public game.
We also decided to use blockchain for paid content and project assistance. BlockChain technologies are developing rapidly, allowing the project to grow faster.

Type of visual novels
We chose web application development (web games) for maximum development speed.
Visual stories rarely have a long storyline and downloading the distribution does not make sense.

Web applications are easier to integrate into social networks such as: FaceBook, Vkontakte.
 In the future we plan to develop mobile versions of visual stories.

Blockchain info
Name: Strength Core
Type: POW/MN
Algo: Lyra2rev3
Block Time: 3 Min
Max Coin Supply: 25 000 000 STRENGTH (Premine Excluded)
Block value: 3 STRENGTH
PoW Reward: 50%
MN Reward: 50%
MN Collateral: 10 000 STRENGTH
MN Start reward: 10000 block
Difficulty Retarget: DGWv3
Blockchain start date: 2019/02/22 12:00 UTC (start private mining)
0 > 600: 0 STRENGTH
600 > : 3 STRENGTH
Source code:

Windows x64:
Windows x86:
Ubuntu 16.x:

Road Map
1) Listing first exchange
2) Launch first game

Game list
Coming soon

Project economics
Strength - the strength of the character in the game and the coins in the blockchain.
Somi - money in the game.

StrengthCore - can exchange 1:1 for the strength of the character in the game by replenishing the account. But it is not possible to withdraw from the game.

Somi game money for which you purchase items in the game.
It is possible to exchange 10 SOMI = 1 STRENGTH. Withdraw to a local wallet or replenish the strength of the character.

The importance of strength in the game will depend on the price of coins on the exchanges.


Bounty company
* Project logo - 5 000 STRENGTH
* Translations web site - 1 language 100 STRENGTH

* 3 places promotion manager: 3 x 5 000 STRENGTH  
* 3 places Discord Community Manager: 3 x 1 000 STRENGTH  

Bounty payments will be made 2019/03/01

Team recruitment
* Designers
* Screenwriters
* Discord administrator
* Telegram administrator
* Translators

* Discord invite
Top 5 best users will be paid:
1 - 250 STRENGTH
2 - 200 STRENGTH
3 - 150 STRENGTH
4 - 100 STRENGTH

Payments are made every Friday at UTC 12:00


Project page
Web site
Game list - coming soon
White paper - coming soon

BlockChain page
Web site - coming soon
Block explorer


Social networks



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ETH: 0x924c9cF95BB761819E05cEff4200C31cd73de80B
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