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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO] 🌟🌟 Datum - Unlock the Bln $$ Data Economy - ICO 17th October - 🌟🌟  (Read 878 times)


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World's first distributed database and marketplace for safe trade and exchange of personal data.

Today we are excited to announce the Datum Network, powering the new personal data information economy.

Datum is building the stock market for user & device data

Data is the new Oil and Datum is creating the first spot market for data by turning user and device generated data into tradeable assets. This entirely new market is estimated to grow to $120 Bln dollars and Datum is well positioned to take a significant market share given its first mover advantage.

DAT Tokens are the exclusive currency of this new market, and as it grows, so does the value of the DAT Tokens.

The DAT Token Sale will start on October 17 2017 14:00 GMT.

It will end on November 17 2017 14:00 GMT.

In order to give everyone a chance to be part of the Datum Token Sale we are distributing free DAT tokens
Earn up to 500 DAT Tokens for sign up here

What is Datum?

Datum is a decentralized and distributed user data marketplace backed by a blockchain ledger. This technology allows to store and trade user generated data, such as social media data, internet activity data, health and wellness apps data, and also data from wearables, smart home, smart car and other IOT devices in a secure, private and anonymous manner. It lets individuals retake ownership of their personal information so they can sell it directly to businesses on their own terms.

Who is Datum for?

Datum is for End Users
Datum returns data ownership back to individuals and let's everyone control whom they share their data with and for what price

Datum is for Storage Node Miners
Miners running Datum Storage Nodes are paid for storing and providing low latency access to data. All you need to mine is a free disk space and fast internet. No GPUs. No crazy electricity bills. Just DAT tokens coming in to your wallet.

Datum is for Companies
Datum allows companies unprecedented access to users data, with users consent. Currently developers are restricted by what Facebook, Google etc offer through their APIs, and these APIs come with massive restrictions and limitations. With Datum companies can buy the user data they need directly from users. No middlemen needed. Simple and straightforward.

Datum is for Everyone
Datum provides a simple and easy to use mobile app backed by the Datum ecosystem, Datum marketplace and open API.


At Datum we have one focus - Creating a viable data marketplace to start returning value to token holders in the shortest time possible.

September 2016
Concept Development
Founders start exploring large scale data storage for IOT devices in the medical and smart home sector and devise first prototypes of structuring unstructured data

June 2017
White Paper & Concept Validation
With the release of the white paper and the resulting community feedback we have fine tuned the concept and laid out the roadmap for the Datum Network

1th August 2017
Pre-Sale & Alpha Version
The Presale for the DAT Token starts, DAT allows users to participate in the new data economy. Datum will also release a demo of the Datum app before end of August

17th October 2017 to 17th November 2017
Datum Token Sale
The Datum Token Sale will run from 17th October till 17th November or until the hard cap is reached. Meanwhile development of the Datum test network continues

December 2017
Test Network Launch
The launch of the Datum test network marks the beta release and will allow basic functionalities to be explored by developers and the community

March 2018
Release Candidate
The feature complete release candidate will be deployed to the test network and undergo intensive testing and bug fixing over the next three months

June 2018
Datum Launch
The launch of the Datum Main Network marks the start of the new data economy. At this point the Datum Network will consist of the decentralized Storage Layer, the Datum App, Open API's to submit and consume data and a full fledged trading system

Datum Official Bounty Program

Program starts on September 4 2017 14:00 GMT.


Hindi ANN/BOUNTY - thanks to erikalui
Spanish ANN BOUNTY - thanks to bongiu

More to be listed soon

We are looking for talents!

Excited about Datum and think you can help? Drop us a few lines describing what you can contribute. We are always looking for bright minds!

Join the Datum Team!



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