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Author Topic: [ANN] [PRE-ICO] ♛ CarTaxi The world's first car towing platform on blockchain ♛  (Read 1465 times)


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CarTaxi -“UBER” of car towing - an Ethereum based platform, becoming the 1st global towing aggregator
CarTaxi is the world’s first operating car towing platform on blockchain
The CarTaxi platform uses blockchain technology based on smart contracts with Ethereum. Blockchain makes the company’s operations completely transparent


White Paper of the Project

CarTaxi’s strategy is to cover the global market, starting with the most convenient entry points. So, the business was started, the product tested and the service launched in the region with the most favorable conditions, minimum costs, the fastest start. Our criteria for the choice of country was based on its potential market structure, legal environment, penetration of mobile services, and other factors.
Thus, we chose the Russian market, followed by the US and Chinese markets. CarTaxi is already operationally active and functioning fully in Russia, where the app has become #1. Full-scale testing is being conducted to scale the service up globally. Also, our offices in San Antonio and Beijing are actively connecting partners—i.e., tow truck owners—to our system. Connecting each new region through our partner system appears to be the best approach. It has proved itself well with the worldwide Uber service, so CarTaxi chose precisely this approach.
As the first global service of its kind, CarTaxi’s goal is to capture up to 20% of the world market and become the #1 name in the minds of drivers around the globe.

Pre-ICO Terms & Conditions

The CTX token: Tokens will also be used as a method of payment for the service, along with fiat currency and the main crypto-currencies (bitcoin, ether).
CarTaxi will offer 500,000,000 CarTaxi tokens (66%) in two tiers: pre-ICO and ICO.

Pre-ICO Offering Size

3048 ETH (~$687.5k)
12,500,000 CTX tokens (2.5%) to be sold at special pre-ICO price
Pre-ICO is considered successful if more than 492.9 ETH (~$150k) collected, otherwise all the funds are transferred to Pre-ICO participants.

Pricing Mechanism

Pre-ICO rate is 1 CTX = 0.000239 ETH    (4101 CTX = 1 ETH)
ICO rate is 1 CTX = 0.000443 ETH           (2255 CTX = 1 ETH)

Secure Offer

Multi-signature wallet
Tokens of Founders are non-transferable upon ICO completion —
locked for 5 months through a smart contract function
CTX tokens are issued to investors only.


Start date: 30th August, 2017
End date: 29th September, 2017

Bounty Campaign Thread (Will be launched in 48 hours with many surprises.) It's OPEN

<<<< ♛♛♛ BOUNTY THREAD ♛♛♛ >>>>

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I'm not in the project team, I'm the campaign manager in bitcointalk. "CarTaxi" will manage this thread.
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This is an interesting concept. I wonder how well it will perform over time.


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