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Author Topic: [ANN] [ICO] ⚡ POLYMERIUM ⚡ Investment in real operating production  (Read 1510 times)


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Founded in 2015

The world's first ICO of real and current production of motor oils



(0.00 UTC)

(0.00 UTC)


  • POLYMERIUM is a manufacturing company that produces motor, transmission and other oils. The singularity of the products under the POLYMERIUM brand lies in a unique character of technological process and their own product recipes. As a result of it we have the product, which quality is considered to be comparable or even better than quality of more expensive competitors, but the price is half lawyer for the consumer
  • Release of motor oils was started in early 2016. At the moment, the products had been already represented in 4 countries and more than 100 cities. Turnover for one year increased from $ 50,000 to $ 300,000 per month
  • Numerous amateur and professional tests, as well as customer reviews of POLYMERIUM products have already proven excellent quality for a lower cost
  • The anti-counterfeiting system ARMPACK is our company's own development. Even before the release of the product we were aware of the problems of brands in combating counterfeits. There is much concern about the problems of counterfeiting in developing economies. Each POLYMERIUM oil can has a unique security code under the secret layer. If a consumer wishes to prove whether the product is original or fake, he can erase the secret layer and enter it on the site. If the code has already been entered, the buyer will see when and where


✅ POLYMERIUM is not subject
 to inflation and volatility of the
 Crypto-currency, which is a more
 reliable object of investment
✅ Early investment in
POLYMERIUM will allow
you to get more profit
✅ Full transparency of
investment and growth of
the company / production

full-fledged commercial
✅ Each investor can receive
finished products for tokens
at the exchange rate on the
purchase date (POLYMERIUM
tokens are backed by real assets
 and products, which will give
tokens a good growth)
✅ After the stage of investing
 and launching a new production,
 the released tokens will be
repurchased, which will give
another plus for the cost of
 the token


  • MARCH 2014
  • Development of technology and research

  • JANUARY 2015
  • Testing of the first prototypes

  • APRIL 2015
  • Creation of the necessary technological equipment, adjustment and start-up

  • FEBRUARY 2016
  • Start-up of production, first deliveries to dealers

  • APRIL 2017
  • Rapid distribution of products across Russia and other countries

  • SEPTEMBER 2017
  • Pre-ICO

  • 1 NOVEMBER 2017
  • Launching the ICO

  • DECEMBER 2017 -NOVEMBER 2018
  • Construction of production, run of a marketing company to increase sales, launch of a franchise company

  • JANUARY 2017 – MARCH 2018
  • Development and implementation of an anti-counterfeiting system

  • APRIL 2018
  • Connecting of other companies to the anti-counterfeiting system


  • The anti-counterfeiting system ARMPACK is our company's own development. Even before the release of the product we were aware of the problems of brands in combating counterfeits. There is much concern about the problems of counterfeiting in developing economies.
  • Each POLYMERIUM oil can has a unique security code under the secret layer. If a consumer wishes to prove whether the product is original or fake, he can erase the secret layer and enter it on the site. If the code has already been entered, the buyer will see when and where.
  • We want to finalize our system and fully integrate with the block-chain technology, where the protection of the system will be provided by decentralized servers, and the technology itself will be used by any company / brand from any country.


  • Any company will be able to issue any number of unique tokens / codes where each token / code will be placed on the product. Thus any consumer can always check who issued this token and what product it belongs to, when it was entered and to which country / region the product was exported. We will be able to store and record any information in the block that will be needed for the company and the buyer of the products.
  • This system can also achieve other ways of exploitation in online-goods, or as a system for the protection and confirmation of any information that cannot be changed by anyone after the release of the token / code

⚡ TEAM ⚡


The businessman, the founder

Nominee for international
 business awards: GSEA 2015 and
E & Y 2015. Successfully launched
an innovative car wash service company
without water, sold more
than 150 franchises to 9 countries,
sold the company successfully to investors
from the UAE


Technical Director

The developer of unique
equipment and automation systems
for different industries. Successfully
launched several large projects of
automation of production for
international companie


Director of Development

Director of Development
Successfully develops
sales of products on
the territory of
4 countries


Developer, specialist in
block-chain technology and

Realizes complex
projects and manages


Technologist, chemist, specialist
in petro-chemistry sphere

The developer
of unique formulations of
auto-chemistry and motor

⚡ FAQ ⚡

  • What is the advantage of your ICO?
  • We consider that our project is unique in comparison with other ICOs, namely in the symbiosis of real production with the integration of the anti-counterfeiting system on block-chain technology. We’ve already produced and sold our ICO and right now we generate profits and get positive feedbacks from our customers. The project team have been formed and checked on the real experience basis. Investors of our ICO have a double guarantee: 1. System of production and the existing product. 2. Anti-counterfeiting system on block-chain technology, which can be used by other companies to protect any products / goods, including digital goods. 3. The launch of a franchise company for start-ups of mini-productions around the world. Proceeding from the facts mentioned above, we can say with the great confidence that the project will be profitable, and the POLYMERIUM (PLM) token will be highly appreciated.
  • Are there any similar products with the lower price on the market?
  • Here everything is clear and simple. The main competitive advantages of POLYMERIUM products are price and quality. According to our data, there are no similar motor oils with the same high indicators and low price. We gain a low price through the application of modern blending technologies and the main simple logistics with the absence of intermediaries.
  • What is the demand for this product?
  • The annual demand only in Russia constitutes about 6 million tons. According to average estimates China needs 6-7 times more.
  • How much money should be invested in the project realization?
  • We would like to attach to the project at least 1 million dollars. This amount would be enough for us to build a plant in Russia using our own additional funds. The ideal amount for us would be at least 5-11 million dollars. These investments would be enough for the plant construction in Russia and China, as well as for the launching of a franchise company around the world, and of course for developing a system of protection against forgery ARMPACK on the block-chain technology.
  • Why not a bank?
  • In fact it’s a greenfield project. Banks try to minimize their risk, they need caution money. And those who nevertheless undertake such projects require a controlling block of shares. The technology that we use is innovative and may attract the interest of our competitors. Equipment of the technology is our main value. In general, we get possibility to manipulate the enterprise and technology. But that’s not the point. It seems to me that now it's a right time for using new technologies in investing
  • Who can become an investor?
  • The main idea is the launch of crowd finding which means that anybody can become an investor. Here the most important things are convenience and transparency of the investment process. Therefore, for our ICO we’ve chosen the Waves Platform.
  • Why have we chosen the WAVES platform for ICO?
  • The main thing we liked about the Waves platform is that it generates tokens very easy. And it is also possible to issue dividends for each token on this platform. In addition, this is a Russian project. I think it has great development prospects.
  • How can an investor protect his inputs?
  • Our investors receive digital token, which is a digital products-backed asset. In fact, this is an option that is sold with a discount. It’s an optional feedstock contract for products with the block-chain technology accompanying. And each investor gets such option. If the option holders will be ready for running their personal data, the company can provide warranty and supporting documents. The company will be annually audited, all the reporting data will be published on the site. The company will install CCTV cameras: any user and investor will be able to watch our working process any time online. If some of the investors will be unpleased with our work and have a desire to get out of the project, it can be done at any time.
  • How long does it take to get back an investment?
  • Investments will pay off completely within one and a half- two years period after the completion of the ICO (it will last about a month and finish in November). If the fundraising is successful, we’ll start the implementation of the project. We’ll ransom the territory in the industrial zone of the Moscow region and begin the construction immediately. The plant can be built in five to seven months period: three months for the erection of the production department buildings and 3-4 months for the manufacture and installation of the necessary equipment. These processes go side-by-side. One more month is enough for equipment checkout. The production process on a new plant is expected to start in April or May next year. After launching the enterprise, we will ransom our tokens back at the expense of the received profits. The tokens will be bought at a price in which the project investment income will be assessed. The repurchase will be carried out during 12 months period.
  • What will you do, if you cannot earn the required amount through the ICO selling?
  • If we cannot earn the required amount or we earn ton enough, we will add money from our own funds and possibly with the involvement of a private investor on certain terms
  • What volume of production will be produced?
  • We will produce 3000 tons a month or more (at first). This is not a very large volume of oils production. Nowadays, this is only one tenth or even one-hundredth part of Russian market requirements. We already have consumers who are ready to buy our products and not only in Russia. Our products gain interest of South Korean, Chinese and European consumers as well. The demand for our products exceeds the possibility of production.
  • Why have you chosen such an unusual method of raising funds for the production?
  • We think that block-chain technology is safe and clear for users. Each user sees what is being bought and sold. Revenues are placed on a separate wallet. All transactions are monitored in real time conditions. The enterprise will be audited annually, all reports will be published. CCTV cameras will be installed: any user and contributor will be able to see our working process in real time. If someone is unhappy and wants to get out of the project, it can be done at any time. . If some of the investors will be unpleased with our work and have a desire to get out of the project, it can be done at any time.
  • If your technology has a good perspective, why are you trying to raise funds through the Internet, in preference to finding an investor?
  • We have investors, but there is one moment. Our project is essentially a venture for the investor. In Russia, the investor wants to get a controlling block of shares from 51% to 80%. Thus it turns out that we are actually selling technology, since the investor has the right to order it around. That's why we decided to take advantage of the block-investment with the use of the block-chains, without losing ownership, but simply by sharing a part of the income with investors. The amount that is required is small, but sufficient to realize the production. If we collect more, we’ll simply increase the capacity of the enterprise.
  • They write to us: You have a complicated investment agreement.
  • The organization of investment attraction through the ICO (initial coin offering) is currently in a "second" league, as there is simply no regulation of attracting investments through ICO in many countries. The founders of ICO who want to work legally are forced to bind the sale of digital tokens to the product or to the software. In our case, there is a specific binding to the product (motor oil). Regulation of investment attraction can be changed at any time, therefore, the organizers reserve the right to change the agreement in order to avoid unnecessary problems and fulfill their obligations to investors. Look at the examples of investment conditions in the projects iconomi or chronobank and you’ll be convinced that we haven’t invented something new, we even give guarantees more than others.
  • You affirm that an agreement can be changed at any time. Should I stay on your website 24/7 to watch the changes in the agreement?
  • This is your right, but there is no need. In accordance with paragraph 12 of our agreement, we will notify you of all changes by email.
    12. Notices.
    12.1 We may provide any notice to you under this Agreement by: (i) posting a notice on the website; or (ii) sending an email to the email address then associated with your account. Notices we provide by posting on the website will not be effective when we send the email. It is your responsibility to keep your email address current. You will be deemed to have received any email sent to the email address, then associated with your account.

  • What Should I do if your terms of investments or changes don’t assort with my interest?
  • If you do not agree with our rules or changes you can always discuss or conclude the agreement that suits you, in accordance with paragraph 15.11 of our agreement:
    15.11 These terms are not boilerplate. If you disagree with any of them, please contact via e-mail and immediately navigate away from the website. Do not use the website and / or products you are offered thereto until you and have agreed upon new terms of use.
    We are always ready to communicate and we try to work for the common interest, because the success of our project depends on you.

  • Why did you select the Arbitration Court of Moscow as a court?
  • All assets and executors of this project will be located on the territory of Russian Federation. In the case of conflict situations, it is much easier and quicker to solve the problems that have occurred on this territory.
  • If your technology has a good perspective, why are you trying to raise funds through the Internet, what is the advantage of this method? Why can’t you borrow money from a bank or an investor?
  • I’ll answer this question step by step.
    Firstly, Russian banks require deposits, which constitute 200% of loan amount. That is, if you want to take a loan for $ 5,000,000 you will need to pay the amount not lower than $ 10,000,000. It turns out that this method does not suit us.
    Secondly, when you contact an investor you come and say I have a project, there is a technology, there are successful sales. In general, you have it all except for the necessary amounts of money. The investor says: "yes this is a good project, I'm ready to invest." But there is one essential condition, the investor wants a share of 60-80% of the company, and we stay with 40 - 20%.
    And thirdly, if the investor offers us such unsuitable conditions: 20-40% of the profit goes to us, and 60 - 80% of the profit goes to him. Why can’t we use crowd investments to exclude an unnecessary owner in the company and to gain a profit of 60 - 80%?

  • Will the POLYMERIUM token bargain on exchanges?
  • Certainly, it will, at least on the DEX exchange. The success of the ICO will depend on the appearance of the POLYMERIUM token on other exchanges. We’ve been already negotiating with the major exchanges.



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Re: [ANN] [ICO] ⚡ POLYMERIUM ⚡ Investment in real operating production
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2017, 04:19:04 PM »
Founded in 2015

The world's first ICO of real and current production of motor oils


All the questions regarding the campaign for participation in the POLYMERIUM should be addressed to the Telemar Chat

Official campaign conditions for the POLYMERIUM members:


(0.00 UTC)

(0.00 UTC)

We invite you to participate in our bonus campaign in order to help POLYMERIUM to build a strong community.

Distribution of Bounty campaign tokens:

➡️ Award for subscription and userpic:
900 000 PLM

➡️ Translation and Managment of the campaign community:
800 000 PLM

➡️ Blog bounty:
500 000 PLM

➡️ Facebook bounty:
400 000 PLM

➡️ Twitter:
400 000 PLM

During the campaign and at the end of the it, each participant's PLM bonus tokens will be calculated using the following formula:
(PLM tokens / total amount of all participants in the campaign for bonuses) * Participant's rates

For example:
(400,000 / 3,000) * 100 = 13,333 PLM

⚡ Signature campaign ⚡

➡️ The total number of PLM tokens reserved for a campaign with the signature:
900 000 PLM

➡️ Signature campaign rules:
1. We need active bitcointalk users - all participants must publish at least 50 messages with the signature POLYMERIUM ICO by the time of ICO POLYMERIUM expiration.
2. Users with negative confidence are not eligible for a campaign with bonuses.
3. Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found in the application of spam - will be removed from the reward company.
4. The use of more than one signature simultaneously is prohibited.
5. Users are not allowed to use the userpic of another project.
6. Users are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign.
7. Write at least 10 quality messages every week by the time ICO POLYMERIUM is over to qualify for a reward.

➡️ Bounty:
1. Jr. Member 1 Bet / Week
2. Member: 1.25 Bet / Week
2. Valid member: 1.75 Bets / Week
3. Member-participant: 2 bets / week
4. Hero Member: 2.25 Betting Odds / Week
5. Legendary: 2.5 Betting / Weekly

➡️ Bonuses:
+0.25 rates per week, if you use the personal text of POLYMERIUM and POLYMERIUM user icon.

POLYMERIUM user icon link:
Code: [Select]
Please set the personal text:
Code: [Select]
⚡ POLYMERIUM ICO: 01/11/17 ⚡

➡️ Campaign instructions:

1. Add the POLYMERIUM subscriber's bb-code, corresponding to your account's rank, in the signature field of your Bitcointalk profile.

If you have any questions regarding the signature of the campaign, please use the Telegram chat for communication.
POLYMERIUM Telegram chat invites the link:

Signature of BB-codes:

Quote ϟ Investment In Real Production
Code: [Select] ϟ Investment In Real Production
◁◁◁ ▓▓▓ Investment In Real Production ◀◀◀

Code: [Select]
◁◁◁ [b][/b] ▓▓▓ [b]Investment In Real Production[/b] ◀◀◀

Full Members
Code: [Select]
[color=#ffa500]▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀[/color][b] ϟ ϟ [color=#ffa500]▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀[/color]
[font=gotham][color=#ffa500]░[color=#ffa500]▒[color=#ffa500]▓[color=#ffa500]▓[color=#ffa500]▓▓    [color=#3583b8]▐ POLYMERIUM [/color] [b][color=#287cb4] ICO ▐ [/color][/b] [color=#287cb4]Investment In Real Production. [/color][b][color=#287cb4]Join us! ▐[/color][/b][/font]    [color=#ffa500]▓▓[color=#ffa500]▓[color=#ffa500]▓[color=#ffa500]▒[color=#ffa500]░[/url]

Senior Members
Code: [Select]
[center][url=][size=26pt][i][b]    [color=#555555]PLM[/color][color=#ffa500]ico[/color][size=15pt][color=#555555].com[/color]    [color=orange]ϟ[/color][/size][/b][/i][size=26pt] [font=Arial][size=15pt][color=#ffa500][i][b]Investment In Real Production[/b][/i][/size][/url][/center]

Hero/Legendary members
Code: [Select]
[center][url=][size=26pt][glow=#ffa500,2,300][size=3pt]ㅤ[/size][/glow][glow=#ffffff,2,300][i][b]      [color=#555555]PLM[/color][color=#ffa500]ico[/color][size=15pt][color=#555555].com[/color][/size]      [/b][/i][/glow][size=26pt][glow=#ffa500,1][font=Arial][size=15pt][color=white][i][b]     Investment In Real Production    [/b][/i][/size][/glow][/url][/center]

⚡ Translation campaign ⚡

➡️ Total number of POLYMERIUM tokens allocated for translation, and community discounts:
800 000 PLM


➡️ Fill out this form to request participation in a community translation and management campaign:

Be sure to send links to the previous work - we will review your request, and if your previous experience proves to be interesting, we will contact you to discuss the details.
Transfers / reservations by the local community will be announced below in this message.

➡️ Translation campaign rules:
- Only one translation can be reserved for each participant. Applications for translation for several languages are not accepted.
- Using Google Translate and other online translators is prohibited. Those participants who use Google Translate or other automated methods will be disqualified.

➡️ TBounty:
- POLYMERIUM ICO Thread open post translation: 60 bids
- Activity in the local chain: 1 bid for 1 message (your) in your thread
- Translation of white paper into your language: 60 bids
- Translation of the website 60 bids

Transfer and holiday tokens for translation and community will be distributed proportionally between the participants in accordance with the number of received bids.

➡️ If you have any questions regarding the community of translation / management campaign, please use the Telegram chat link:

Translations of the POLYMERIUM ICO thread are reserved to:

alexsetiawan - Indonesian

⚡ Blogs Company  ⚡

➡️ The total number of PLM tokens reserved for the campaign for the bonus campaign:
500 000

PLM Blog will be distributed between the creators of messages, reviews and press releases about ICO POLYMERIUM.

➡️ Anyone can participate - just create over 600 words with long messages about POLYMERIUM and publish them on your website. The better your post - the more bets you get.

➡️ Rules of the contest in blogs:
1. All messages must be published online and available to all.
2. Your message must be unusual.
3. We do not allow websites without an audience, or new websites - the website on which you decide to publish your post must be at least 2 months old and must have user activity.
4. Your message should be 600 words or more.
5. Your post must contain at least 2 links to the PLMICO.COM website, the POLYMERIUM ICO stream, the POLYMERIUM ICO social networks or other articles about the POLYMERIUM ICO.
Make sure your text is technically accurate and does not contain typos or errors. Fill out the form to participate in the blog contest before creating a message to tell us your data and the websites on which you are going to publish your text.

➡️ Form of participation in the blog contest:

After checking your request, and if your site (s) are eligible to participate, you will enter the list of the contest participants

➡️ Bounty blog Competition
Message creators receive 20, 30 or 40 bets depending on the quality of their messages as decided by the POLYMERIUM team. The contest's token will be distributed among the participants in accordance with the number of received bids.

⚡ Twitter Company   ⚡

➡️ The total number of PLM tokens reserved for Twitter campaign:
400 000 PLM

➡️ How to join POLYMERIUM on Twitter:
1. Follow the official POLYMERIUM account on twitter:
2. Register in the Telegram chat POLYMERIUM:
3. In oder to participate, use a campaign with a subscription to participate in the POLYMERIUM Twitter tournament:

➡️ Twitter Campaign Rules:
- Only one Twitter account is allowed per person.
- Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not subject to the action.
- Your Twitter account must have at least 500 current followers.
- Your Bitcointalk account must be at least a member of Jr.
- Your Twitter account must have at least 85% of actual subscribers.
- You must re-twitt at least 7 tweets from our Twitter account: @plmico
- you need to create 5 tweets about POLYMERIUM, include hashtag #PLMICO. Only 1 tweet per day will be counted.
- Tweets should be in English. You must publish your tweets and retweets in the campaign stream bounty every week.
- Twitter reports should be made in a new post and not added to the existing post.

Example of text of a Twitter campaign report:
Twitter username: * your account name twitter *
Twitter URL: * URL of your twitter account *
Subscribers: * number of your subscribers *

* links to your tweets about POLYMERIUM ICO *

* links to your retweets of the official tweets of the POLYMERIUM account *

➡️ Bounty:
- 2 rates / 1 Tweet about POLYMERIUM
- 2 rate / 1 requisites of the official tweet account POLYMERIUM

The tweeter campaign will be distributed among the participants of the POLYMERIUM campaign in accordance with the number of received bets.

⚡ Facebook  Company   ⚡

➡️ The total number of PLM tokens reserved for the Facebook campaign:
400 000 PLM

➡️ How to join the POLYMERIUM on Facebook:
1. Follow the official Facebook page POLYMERIUM:
2. Sign up for a telegram chat POLYMERIUM:
3. Use the application form for participation in the POLYMERIUM Facebook subscription campaign:

➡️ Campaign rules for subscribing to Facebook: - Only one Facebook account per person is allowed. - Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not subject to the action.
- There must be at least 200 real followers in your Facebook account.
- Your Facebook account must have at least 80% of actual subscribers.
- You need to read at least 7 messages from our Facebook account:
- You need to write 5 Facebook messages about POLYMERIUM, include hashtag # PLMICO. Only 1 message per day will be counted.
- Posts must be in English. You should report your messages and repositories on the bonuses page every week.
- The message in Facebook should be done in a new post and not added to the existing post.

➡️ Example of a Facebook campaign message:
URL: * URL of your Facebook account *
Friends: * number of your friends on Facebook *
Followers: * The number of your Facebook subscribers *

* links to your posts about POLYMERIUM *
* links to your reports of official Facebook messages on Facebook: *

➡️ Bounty:
- 2 Stakes / 1 Report on POLYMERIUM
- 2 Stakes / 1 Like & Repost of the official POLYMERIUM message to Facebook

Facebook bounty tokens will be distributed proportionally among the participants of the campaign program for POLYMERIUM Facebook grants according to the number of received bets.

⚡ ⚡ ⚡

Dear Bounty members,

to stay on top of all the latest events and in order to support POLYMERIUM, join our chat on Telegram:

⚡ ⚡ ⚡


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Re: [ANN] [ICO] ⚡ POLYMERIUM ⚡ Investment in real operating production
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2017, 08:15:58 PM »
Good project


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