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pre-ICO of DAO Lescoin, the first timber enterprice to trade wood for crypto-currencies


The DAO Lescoin team announces the start of preliminary ICO from September 15, 2017. The founders plan to raise $500.000 or more on blockchain development for the timber enterprise in the Russian Far East and issue the token secured by wood stock.

1 Lescoin costs $50 and entitles the owner for 1 cubic meter of wood OR the dividends from processing it and selling timber to Chinese wholesales. The timber price in China can reach $200 per cubic meter.

DAO Lescoin will trade wood and timber ONLY for crypto-currencies and, therefore, our token will be always supported by the buyers’ fiat money invested in LSC.

The investors purchasing LSC tokens during the pre-ICO will get up to 100% bonuses in the first week.

Wholesale buyers can purchase wood from DAO LSC under a separate smart contract. The contract fixes the agreement for wood supply in 6 months after the main ICO. The warehouse is located in the Russian Far East, near the railway station Dalnerechensk.

Should the main ICO do not reach the investment goal, both Lescoin holders and wood buyers will get a full refund.


The supply of wood and timber from the Russian Far East to neighbouring China and Japan will ensure stable profits for investors, as demand from importers is constantly growing. Only in 2016, the export of Russian timber to China grew by 36%.

DAO Lescoin achieves high profitability by introducing modern technology. In forest plantating, we use transgenic (TG) seeds of coniferous trees from the world’s leading supplier - Monsanto Biocorp (USA). The seeds have unique parameters of growth and adaptability to environmental conditions giving us an advantage over competitors.

Today only our industrial partner Les-Invest Ltd. (est. 2007) implements this advanced technology in Russia. In our website, you can see the aerial shooting of the first TG-forest in Siberia, which the partner planted in near the town of Sosnovobors (Siberia, Russia).

Investments in the Russian timber industry is highly profitable, but foreign investors face many technical and legal obstacles. DAO LSC removes all entry barriers in the market. There is no capital limit - you can profit of wood and timber trade, investing any convenient amount.

Pre-ICO and ICO Details

Token: Lescoin (LSC)
The preliminary ICO: from September 18 to October 18, 2017
The main ICO: November-December 2017
Blockchain: Ethereum
Exchange: it is planned to release LSC to the crypto-exchange "Voskhod", which is certified by the Central Bank of Russia and contributes to the development of the Russian real sector. Alternatively, the token will be released to Polloniex or Bitfinex.

The pre-ICO aims to raise no less than $500.000 for blockchain development and marketing.
The main ICO aims to raise no less than $15 million for the launch of the timber enterprise.


ASSETS: 1) LSC token
2) LSC-F (“futures” for Chinese users)

SMART-CONTRACTS: 1) the contract for the LSC token that entitles its holders to dividends OR wood supply;
2) the future sales contract for wood supply for the Chinese market.

PRE-ICO EMISSION: 200.000 LSC, among which 75% accounts for LSC and 25% for LSC-F

PRICES.1 LSC costs $50, there is no minimum limit for investors (i.e. one can purchase the token shares). LSC-F offers 1 cubic meter wood for $35, the minimum limit for the contract is 140 cubic meters wood  (=$4900).

BONUSES. Bonuses on LSC token reach 100% in the first week of pre-ICO and go down to 50% on the last week of pre-ICO. There are no bonuses on LSC-F contract.

See our White PAPER for more details: WHITE PAPER


LSC token will be released to the crypto-exchange (Voskhod, Polloniex or Bitfinex) in 1 month after the main ICO.

The LSC-F holders can exchange the asset for LSC tokens in 1 month after the main ICO. This way, the Chinese customers may get this token in compliance with the ICO law.

The wood supply or dividend payment is planned in 6 months after the main ICO.

The buyback of LSC begins in 12 months after the main ICO for $100 (the nominal + 100%).

The smart contract guarantees the full refund for LSC and LSC-F
purchased on the main ICO, if the ICO will not reach its target (i.e. attracts less than $14.9 million investment).


1. We are establishing the first enterprise in the Russian real sector which will trade the liquid commodity (wood and timber) only for crypto-currencies.

2. LSC token is secured by wood stock and will be constantly supported by the incoming capital flow from the real sector buyers (e.g. furniture factories, construction companies & intermediaries from China and Japan).

3. We can deploy our production and gain first profits in 6-months-term after the main ICO.

4. The land for a new production area is already allocated in the Far East region. It is located at the border with China and Japan, the key importers of Russian wood.

5. DAO LSC supports anonymous ownership and trade of LSC. The legal entities involved in the ownership scheme will be located in the offshore jurisdiction, The British Virgin Islands. Any disputes among the investors will be filed to the London Arbitration Court.


Why does DAO LSC announce the pre-ICO so late?
This is explained by the fact that the decision on a free investment zone in the Russian Far East region was, until recently, pending. In September 2017, the Russian regulators confirmed that they welcome crypto-trading in this region. We have published the fully prepared project short afterwards. This progression is unavoidable for the real sector due to the reputation risks associated with any early and unconfirmed announcements.

What are your relationships with the regulators?
The Russian authorities confirmed that the Far East Region becomes a free investment zone. As we only deploy production in this zone, DAO LSC fully complies with the Russian law.

What is the Voskhod crypto-exchange? Why you want to release the token there?
This is the investment platform established by the Russia’s President Representative in the Far East region. This platform is certified by the Russian Central Bank for trading crypto-currencies. However, we are not obliged to release Lescoin to Voskhod. We negotiate with other platforms in order to choose the best solution. Our investors are welcomed to express their preferences.

Do you have any industrial investors?
Yes. Wholesale wood buyers from China are to participate.

What contractor(s) will actually do logging, woodprocessing and logistics?
There are at least 3 established Russian companies ready to deploy production immediately after the main ICO. Now we officially partnered with Les-Invest, Ltd. (est. 2007) and there will be more partners on the following stages as our production scales and diversifies. There are international companies among the prospective partners too.

You ask for large upfront investment. How soon investors get a return on investment?
It is planned to sell the first batch of products (rough-wood) in 6 month after the main ICO. Ever since, the investors will receive dividends on the monthly basis.

What if regulators will ban your operation?
The Russian authorities expressed interest in attracting foreign investment to the country’s real sector via crypto-exchange. We have necessary contacts and leverage in the industry. As our government currently withstands the US sanctions, we do not expect to meet any obstacles.

How can investors control your operation?

1. The Smart contract will prohibit any non-earmarked spending. 2) The smart contract will also oblige DAO LSC to disclose all operational data (trade contracts, assets and liabilities, etc.). 3) There will be a special web-interface for investors to monitor the operations and dividends. 4) Moreover, the token holders will be able to vote annually on strategic decisions such as the ratio of dividends and reinvestment.


New team members add constantly, browse the website and blog for the latest information.



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