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Author Topic: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev | 12 October 2017 | Kiev, Ukraine  (Read 2139 times)


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  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev | 12 October 2017 | Kiev, Ukraine

    Event Website:

    Ukrainian fintech market can boast the development of blockchain technologies. A group of specialists has been formed in Kiev, and thanks to their efforts the country is among top-3 regulators of blockchain trends. Here you can find everything what is needed for gathering major players of blockchain community of CIS countries and Europe.

    Thatís what we are doing: on 12 October 2017 Smile-Expo has organized 4th Annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev and unite everyone who is interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency at the third annual platform for likeminded people.

    Our participants include blockchain developers, entrepreneurs and experts in legislation. Special guests of this year are investors and startup authors who have practical experience of participating in ICO.

    Three intensive conference sections:
    • Finance, business, legislation. Blockchain application in Fintech, Govtech, business and social projects. Legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies: experience of different countries and prospects of Ukraine.
    • Developments. Blockchain solutions in practice. Creation of smart contracts and services on blockchain. Code analysis, practice, meetings with leading developers.
    • ICO: practical experience. What is ICO, a trend or real tool for attracting investments? Authors of startups that received funding through ICO, and venture investors will share success stories and skepticism about Initial Coin Offering - only personal experience and no advertising.

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