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Author Topic: [ANN][HLM] HELIUM - PRE NOTICE  (Read 1869 times)


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« on: September 16, 2017, 07:28:30 PM »
OP being updated - please keep up with the thread or join Slack


* Snippet from one of three white papers. This is an example of a service.


*This is an example of a MasterNode function designed before DASH announced something very similar and called it Evolution.

* There will also be significant time and effort placed in to writing one possibly two patents. These will be defensive patents to prevent people copying our ideas and releasing them before us. Once we release our patents, we will review the option of non-enforcement against open source projects. Open source is open source, but at least give us the time to release our ideas first before copying them and labelling them as your own.

Technical Architecture
* Total Coin Supply 20m
* Block release is 7% per year
* Block reward: 45% miners; 45% master nodes; 10% project development funding, users chosen funding.
* PoW only algo X11 (with a review being made to change to something else after we fork off DASH code).
* Block time 2.5 minutes
* Difficulty 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2)
* Difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave (created by Evan Duffield)
* Download clients (tbc)
* RPC-Port 9998

MasterNodes or ServiceNodes?
The network will support both. This is a first for any project and goes back to a system design first considered in 2014.

* MasterNodes will perform network related functions. MasterNode operators will be paid by the network.

We will be implementing a payments network and introducing some features not seen before in digital currencies to make payments accessible to the masses. We are targeting to have millions of ordinary users taking control of their own accounts, without the need to download complicated clients and with no loss of security.

Master nodes will require 1,000 HLM as collateral. When the master node count is very well established and stable, we will consider options to make the collateral dynamic, but this will primarily be influenced by the need to create more server capacity.

* ServiceNodes will perform for profit related services. An Uber type model will be created where the network and users rate providers.

Our initial focus will be for Service Nodes to run fast relay networks, called Decentralized Digital Services Networks (DSDN). These will enable anyone to run a full Bitcoin node for anyone else, for a fee. Or users can run their own secure Helium Nodes, Bitcoin nodes, Monero nodes, etc.

These full nodes will be linked with an encrypted connection to an SPV running on a smartphone. We will also look at adding support for hardware wallet security for those who wish to take those extra steps.

ServiceNodes are essential to keeping long-term income flowing into the network to pay for MasterNode operators.

The DSDN white paper can be found on our web site here

Agile Development
We will be looking to build up a development team based on work packages. This will protect the project long into the future as teams can come in and carry out specific packages of work for defined periods of 1 day or 1 year. From maintaining the web site(s), tweaking wallet designs, to documentation.

We will try to avoid all the knowledge being in the hands of too few people who then pose a systemic risk to the project if something happens to them.

A core team will be responsible for project governance, setting priorities and network architecture.  This team too can be fairly Agile.

Helium will be a self-funded project via block subsidy. So that we can secure the network and invest in it's future, we will have an ongoing source of funding for development work through a consensus rule that will allocate [10% tbc] of the coinbase from each block subsidy to a development fund.

This will be operated through an open and transparent framework to fund current and new developers so that the project remains self-sustainable without needing to be dependent on outside forces that can divert the project away from the aims set by the users of the network.

By using this self-funding option, the development team will be answerable to those network users who have a stake in the success of the network. The users who give the project it's value through their support can collectively influence the direction of the project and also what work packages get priority and what doesn't get funded.

* Coins101

I have had the chance to help build a real life payments company from a $200 start-up to one that was valued at $80m at the time it was sold to one of the biggest banks in the world. That process meant I had to deal with just about every aspect of consumer payments and moving money around the world. There are very few aspects of the consumer payments sector that I haven't had to understand and deliver a suitable real life product around.

I want to take my knowledge and experience of knowing what works and what doesn't, and apply that expertise to blockchain payments - a coming together of the best parts of each to create something truly outstanding that can work for ordinary people in everyday life.

* Karmashark

My background is in managing people, communications and technologies. I left a successful career at BlackBerry to come into the blockchain industry in 2012 . I  am an active and public presence in the space, having worked on blockchain projects in the past via my consultancy as well as advising governments on blockchain technology. I also raise awareness for Fintech in my own country through my role as the Vice Chairman at the Blockchain Association of Canada.

My desire is to use my background to help create something special in the blockchain industry.  Helium is that network of value that offers solutions to real world problems. Solutions that work for everyone on this planet.

Rolling Road Map

As a rolling road map, things will keep changing, so check Slack for most recent updates.

Spreadcoin > HLM economic fork
Please see initial notice to Spreadcoin holders

* Effective cut off date for redemption, will be a block height (tbc)
* Two explorers will be used to check against
* Chainz SPR here
* Cryptoguru SPR (we've paid for premium status) here

We will be looking at a snapshot of the Spreadcoin addresses on a well advertised specific date, giving people plenty of notice. Discussions with exchanges will take place prior to any formal details being released.

The total coin supply will remain at around 20m, although the emissions schedule will be changed to an annual reduction of about 7%.

More details to follow and will be posted here.

* Wallets: (tbc)
* Block explorer: (tbc)
* Miners: (tbc)
* Github:
* Seed nodes:
Code: [Select]
* Seed nodes and some other infrastructure is managed / hosted by ChainWorks while we focus on product development.

* Github
* Twitter
* Slack Auto-Invite
* Slack channel It's our very own trollbox, so feel free to vent any strong views and concerns.
* Facebook (When average Joe mass adoption roll out begins - but hopefully won't be needed for a little while)
* Instagram (When average Joe mass adoption roll out begins)

* Budget proposals website (still in development / testing)
* Budget proposals discussions are only on Slack at the moment

There will likely be a logo and branding competition announced around May or June. However, we are likely to start by talking to a creative agency. For ideation around branding and logos, please consider:

* ServiceNodes and MasterNodes represented by electrons orbiting as a second layer around the core protocol layer
* Build around values of supporting Bitcoin and blockchains
* Cloud based wallets
* Decentralisation is what we're about. But don't bother trying to communicate that as your average person doesn't (A) get it or (B) care. Focus instead on 'cloud' based products and services.
* Anyone working on the branding before the patents are filed needs to sign an NDA. This is also the main reason for leaving the logo competition until later in the year when our full patented plans will be made public.

Moderation Policy
* There are a few ISIS supporters who have offensive flags in their profiles. Their posts will get flat out deleted. This is the primary reason for having a moderated thread. Being a mod creates hassle in having to do the job that the site moderators would otherwise perform, but they will not ban ISIS supporters. I will ban them from this thread.

* Any other deletions will be through moderator type reports. If there is a post you feel you would report to a mod, I'll look at it in the context of the general site mod policies.

The self-moderation policy will be set with a very narrow objective (over and above the general forum policies) and will be strictly followed. It's not a self-moderated thread to create an echo chamber.

Proof of account ownership will be signed from this Bitcoin address: 19yHKVqJhH91ow4XvWpXWzFoYhS4LgXT4y


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