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Author Topic: 📌[ANN][ICO][BOUNTY] oneK 🔥🔥🔥 1,000 tokens only 🔥🔥🔥 LESS is MORE 📌  (Read 1112 times)


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oneK is an Ethereum token ERC20 with VERY LOW supply of token. K means kilo, oneK has maximum 1,000 tokens only.

The main purpose of oneK is no FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). We sell oneK in very low price at ICO (1 ONEK = 0.125 ETH or 1 ETH = 8 ONEK), which is way undervalued with only one thousand tokens. Total ICO raise 100 ETH mainly for cost of the development, listing to exchanger (Cryptopia) and marketing (refer to ICO fund allocation). And small portion of ICO fund will be used to set up buy wall to ensure your investment with good ROI.

No FUD on investing oneK

Distribute in 24 hours,         ICO in very low price,         Buy wall setup,
no scam!         promising profit!         secure investment!

Get your oneK tokens by sending your Ethereum to the address below :


[ 1 ONEK = 0.125 ETH, minimum 0.01 ETH ]

Be sure to set the Gas Limit, or your transaction may be rejected. You may use any Ethereum wallet that supports tokens.
Do not send ETH directly from an exchanger (Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc) or you may not be able to see your oneK tokens.
You will receive your tokens within 24 hours.

ICO starts now till 28 Sep 2017

Algorithm : Ethereum token ERC20

Maximum token : 1,000

Symbol : ONEK

Decimals : 18

800 oneK Token (ONEK)
(1 ONEK = 0.125 ETH, minimum 0.01 ETH) raise 100 ETH (~7 BTC). Use Minereum Token Service

Twitter campaign
12 oneK Token (ONEK)
Follow [oneK Token Twitter Page], Retweet oneK ICO announcement, Fill in Twitter Campaign Application Form
< 501 followers = 1 stake, < 1001 followers = 2 stakes, < 2001 followers = 4 stakes, > 2000 followers = 6 stakes.
Twitter account creation date must be before 1 Sep 2017
Number of followers based on

Check your application at Google Spreadsheet, we will process application in 24 hours.

Facebook campaign
12 oneK Token (ONEK)
Like and Follow [oneK Token Facebook Page], Share oneK ICO announcement, Fill in Facebook Campaign Application Form
< 201 friends = 1 stake, < 401 friends = 2 stakes, < 801 friends = 4 stakes, > 800 friends = 6 stakes

Facebook account creation date must be before 1 Sep 2017
Check your application at Google Spreadsheet, we will process application in 24 hours.

Translation campaign
12 oneK Token (ONEK)
6 popular languages [Chinese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Turkish] only to bitcointalk local category, each
translation will get 2 ONEK, no google translation, must done translation before 18 Sep 2017.
Please reserve your translation job ASAP.
Chinese - [Available]
German by dukemc
Indonesian - alexsetiawan
Italian - [Available]
Russian by sabbathhawk
Turkish - [Available]

Others development and Marketing
164 oneK Token
Please PM me if you have a good marketing plan to make oneK ICO succeed

Coming Soon!!



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