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Author Topic: 🚀 [ANN] PRIVATIX 🚀 - BLOCKCHAIN VPN NETWORK 🚀 [PRE-ICO] 🚀  (Read 1226 times)


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Our Team
Initial team for Privatix Network development

Dima Rusakov
CEO and co-Founder
Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | Telegram
Founder, serial entrepreneur and marketer with 10 years of experience in creating and managing successful internet businesses.
BA in Economic and Management (Israel)
Builded from scratch services with 1M$ ARR and 50K DAU.
Business developer with experience in 4 countries (Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).
6 years co-Founder and CEO of 5vpn - 15,000 paying users
2 years co-Founder and CEO of Privatix - 750,000 users
2 years co-Founder of Temp-mail - 250,000 daily visitors
Hundreds successful marketing campaigns and partnerships.
High traffic volumes affiliate with broad experience in affiliate networks building.
Former Israeli Air Force military (4.5 years service)
Marathon runner, blockchain enthusiast from 2015

Nikita Kuznetsov
CTO and co-Founder
Facebook | Linkedin | Github | Telegram
Software architect and senior full stack developer.
Strong Python skills. Blockchain developer.
Graduated from Computer Science faculty of Bauman University (Moscow).

Rubtsov Dmitriy
Co-Founder, Chief of operation and Business development
Linkedin | Telegram
IT Entrepreneur and business developer.
Computer science and cybersecurity degree.
IT management experience with more than 10 internet projects in past 13 years.

Vitaly Hnidenko
Head of Development
Github | Telegram
Full stack developer and team lead with more than 11 years experience.
Lead developer on company projects 5vpn, Privatix and Temp-Mail

Viacheslav Yakushev
Head of Infrastructure
Senior DevOps Engineer.
Sysadmin team lead and backend architect.

Viktor Lahman
R&D-team member and full stack developer
Facebook | Linkedin | Github | Telegram
Scientist and software engineer with more than 5 years experience.
#1 Master's Degree Mathematics and Computer Science.
#2 Master Degree in Computer Science (Ukraine).

Timur Appaev
Senior full-stack / JS developer

Facebook | Linkedin | Github
Frontend Javascript developer with more than 5 years experience.

Alexander Shishkin
PPC and media buying
Marketer and PR manager with more than 7 years experience.
Strong skills in traffic acquisition and multilingual campaigns.

Mykola Lysiy
Head of QA
Head of QA with broad experience in major platforms.

Yaroslav Krimets
Traffic acquisition specialist
Traffic Acquisition and Analytics Manager with more than 4 years experience with high volume budgets

Andrew Beilyk
Senior android developer
Mobile apps developer with broad experience on android platform


The concept of a decentralized autonomous P2P VPN network on blockchain with its own crypto-economy which will serve the first bandwidth exchange marketplace


One-page summary

English | Russian | Chinese | Korean | Japanese

UPD #1 ( 4-SEP-2017 ) : Presale Early bird announcement 86% bonus / 30 ETH minimum

UPD #2 ( 7-SEP-2017 ) : Announcement regarding Bitcointalk bounty program

UPD #3 ( 9-SEP-2017 ) : White paper and Summary Translation

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