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Author Topic: Global Fintech and Blockchain China Summit 2017 | 26 October 2017 | Shanghai  (Read 315 times)


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  • Global Fintech and Blockchain Summit 2017 | 26 October 2017 | Shanghai, China

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    With profound application of new technologies of big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, mobile internet and etc, Fintech 3.0 era is around the corner, featuring deep integration between finance and technology as well as integration between traditional financial institutions and internet-based finance companies. Fintech has resulted in booming of a plethora of new financial business modes while driving transformation of traditional financial industries. Financial mobile payment, digital currencies, P2P, crowd funding, big data credit, robo-advisor, smart contract, scenario finance and other financial innovations, are promoting and creating new  financial  eco-system,  while  continuously improving financial services efficiency and reducing overall cost. Not least the fast emerging of blockchain R&D and application, blockchain has become the technical engine of Fintech 3.0 era. According to the statistics released by IBM, 15% of the banks will be engaged in blockchain technology by the end of 2017, nearly two thirds of the banks will be capable of providing blockchain services in the next three years. Moreover, with the ushering in of the blockchain 3.0 era, it will find even broader application, expanding from financial field to supply chain, energy, medical services, government governance, it  will even  be  cross integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in the future. In the new round of innovation wave, how to take the lead to apply blockchain technology, make the technology into reality and acquire strategic advantage has become the primary task not only for financial industries but also for many blockchain+ businesses.

    Under this backdrop, Inaugural Global Fintech&Blockchain China Summit 2017 will be held in Shanghai on October 26th, which is consisting a concurrent small exhibition, more than 800 delegates from government, associations, research institutes, banks, securities and futures firms, insurance companies, funds, internet-based financing, supply chain financing, consumer financing, P2P, distributed ledger and blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, big data and computer clouding, mobile and cross border payment, credit investigation, risk control  will attend the event. This event will focus on latest global developments of fintech and blockchain technology with real application cases and future prospect of application of fintech the blockchain technology in areas of banking, insurance, asset management and trading , cross border payment, notarization, IoT, supply chain management, medical services and government governance, and also address the opportunities and challenges ahead. We are fully convinced that this summit will empower the creation of the new technology-driven financial eco-system and reconfiguration of the future.
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