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Author Topic: 🚀⚡[ANN][AIRDROP] WindCoin - Decentralizing Wind [2/5 AirDrop - 18 November]⚡🚀  (Read 926 times)


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Decentralizing wind

Coin Specifications

Name: Wind Coin
Symbol: WIND
Decimals: 18
Standard: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Maximum Total Supply: 30,000,000 WIND
Contract Address: 0x2FC4f87665D68cE3c6eee906c10086ee61fbfb17
Explorer link: click

Coin Distribution:

01% Dev Team (locked 1 year)
09% Bounties
20% Potential Future ICO (or Burn)
70% AirDrop

2nd AirDrop (distribution on 18.11.2017

How to get AirDrop?
1.) Go to our twitter page, follow if you didn't already and retweet the pinned post
2.) Join our Telegram channel if you haven't already and do not leave group
3.) Fill out this form

When to signup?
We will accept all requests that followed the above procedure, the rules and signed up until every Friday 23.59 GMT+1.
Coins intended for AirDrop will be distributed every Saturday, started on November 11th and will continue for a total of 5 AirDrops, with the last one being exclusive (see rules) and the biggest.


11.11.2017 1st Airdrop 20% (6,000,000 WIND) DONE
18.11.2017 2nd Airdrop 10% (3,000,000 WIND)
25.11.2017 3rd Airdrop 10% (3,000,000 WIND)
02.12.2017 4th Airdrop 10% (3,000,000 WIND)
09.12.2017 5th AirDrop 20% (6,000,000 WIND)


1.) All accounts will be reviewed before accepted.
2.) Junior Members and above are eligible to apply. Newbies are not qualified.
3.) All accounts registered after October 20, 2017 are NOT qualified.
4.) One person can register using only one account. We have measures in place to discover cheaters, any such discovery will lead to a permanent ban to airdrop participation (BANNED spreadsheet from AirDrop #1 here)
5.) We will notify the community on all channels regarding requirements for the next AirDrop. For AirDrop #2 (18.11) everybody will have to register again as we are putting additional measures in place to make sure the distribution is even more fair
6.) All participants must have the same ETH Address they used to register inserted into Location field on their BitCoinTalk Profile, failure to do so means you will be excluded from the AirDrop
7.) Every participant that will keep at minimum 80% of the received AirDrop coins in their wallet address until the next round will receive a generous loyalty bonus (to be determined every round) - not yet determined for Round 2
8.) In order to participate in the biggest, exclusive last round (20%!), an account will need to receive at least 3 of the prior airdrops and strictly follow all of the above rules (including point 7) at all times.


9% (2,7000,000 WIND) of total coins are available for bounty campaigns. Please check our Bounty Thread and participate.

How to add WindCoin to MyEtherWallet
1.) Click View Wallet Info and login
2.) Under Token Balances click Add Custom Token
3.) Token Contract Address is 0x2FC4f87665D68cE3c6eee906c10086ee61fbfb17, Token Symbol is WIND and Decimals is 18




As you might have noticed you didn't receive your WindCoins today, as promised.

The reason is that we've been putting the last touches on our coin distribution script today and just couldn't get it working the way it should. We now know that our source code is the problem, it just isn't optimized to work with our script, which tested on a test coin with the added code works great.

As we don't wan't to do a half job we decided to postpone the AirDrop to 11.11.2017, the date that our second AirDrop should originally take place.

To apologize and reward all of those that are so supportive of our project from the beginning the first and the second AirDrop will be combined (20%, 6,000,000 WIND) and SignUps will stay closed until 13.11.2017 (after the AirDrop).

First Airdrop successfully completed!

We received in total 5246 registrations, out of that 579 accounts tried to cheat and are BANNED (BAN list) from participating in all further AirDrops.

There was also a huge number of participants, 1425, who either didn't fully follow the rules (joining Twitter, Telegram) or were sloppy when filling out the signup form (non existing ETH Addresses, links to instead of their profile, not being Jr. Members...) but didn't tried to cheat and they are NOT banned from participating in the next AirDrops. The majority being those who are not Jr members, but honestly stated that fact when filling out the form.

The remaining 3242 eligible participants all received an equal amount of 1850 WIND.


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