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Author Topic: [ANN][DAO] 🚂 The Movement | Unstoppable Organisation | Airdrop Ends 31.8  (Read 1104 times)


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D  A  O

Connect and Create

⏰ Current Phase: Genesis Participant Application


First Consensus Reached - Voting Results

Q & A - Round One

How to apply? Thoroughly read this ANN post.

A magic dwells in each beginning.

The Movement is a DAO that is owned collectively by its founding members. By harnessing the power of the Ethereum blockchain, we are building the first Fully Crowdsourced Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (FC-DAO) from the ground up. Connect and Create @ the Unstoppable Organisation. Advancing and fostering cutting-edge Grassroots Networks.

Participants continue to increase their Activity rank until we move on to the next phase and finalize the Genesis Participant Data. We are now in the very early stages. The amount of TAO Shares you are airdropped upon Genesis Launch is proportional to your Activity towards the Organisation.

Stay active! We are moving.


Participate in the Genesis Collection Phase and become a Founder of The Movement. Apply today.

Upon launch, its holders own the DAO completely. There is no central leader.


Completely crowdsourced from the ground up, autonomous and self-organised.

Welcome to the movement. The crypto sphere is growing, new spaces are emerging. Create, together.



Markets and communities governed by the people.

Internet citizens all over the world, come and join borderless collaboration opportunities. Help others on the way. Shape the future.

Airdrop for the Community from Day 1:

Apply until August 31, 2017.

Send a private message to the Dropper bot.


Bitcointalk Username:
ETH Address:
Genesis Sentence:

Bitcointalk Account must be created before May 1st 2017.

Create your Genesis Sentence -- 5 words min. You may think of anything you can imagine.

Please note: Your Ethereum address must hold any amount above 0.01 Ether for an unspecified amount of time.

No Alt accounts: 1 maximum genesis application / person

Please note: Eligible Newbies and Jr. Members additionally have to set Profile -> Forum Profile Information to:

Website Title: The Movement DAO
Website URL:

You may also use the following sig:
Code: [Select]
🚂 Unstoppable Organisation - The Movement DAO

+5%: Everyone can now opt in for a 5% Bonus (Activity +5%) by setting Profile -> Forum Profile Information to:

Website Title: The Movement DAO
Website URL:

Alternatively, you may put the link into your signature or use one of the sigs below:
Code: [Select]
[url=]Movement DAO[/url]
Code: [Select]
🚂 [url=]The Movement DAO[/url]
Code: [Select]
🚂 Unstoppable Organisation - [url=]The Movement DAO[/url]

The fuel of the Movement is designated as TAO.

The absolute amount of TAO that will be created upon launch is not yet known.

3M is our base.

Let the DAO Activity determine the TAO.

The Genesis Snapshot will set this in stone.

🗝 How many Shares can I get?

{(3,000,000 TAO / (ΔTotal * Δrank)) * (Δactivity + Δboni)}

Where Δ = Founding Member

Bitcointalk Ranks:

Rank = Newbie 2, Junior 1.75, Member 1.5, Full Member 1, Senior Member 0.9, Hero 0.8, Legendary 0.7
// Decreasing numbers: higher reward in TAO

Movement Activity:

Activity = Idler 0.5, Mover 1, Contributor 1.75, Ambassador 2, Developer 3
// Increasing numbers: higher reward in TAO

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don't hesitate to ask any question, anytime.

1. I meet the rules, can I join?

Yes. Welcome onboard! You are joining a decentralised autonomous organisation. Exciting times ahead.

2. Why am I or is my Vote not on the Spreadsheet?

It may take some time. If you've done everything correctly you will be able to find your details on the list soon. You may also be rejected if you don't fulfill the requirements. This is the bot's and not a manual decision.

3. How many TAO can I get?

The amount of Shares you get depends on your Rank and is proportional to your amount of Activity towards the organisation.

4. Aren't just a lot of 🤖 robots joining?

They shall not pass. More info on the Final Audit. To all legitimate participants: Worry Not.

5. Why 0.01 ETH? Do I have to send this to you?

You will never have to send any ETH to Dropper. The Movement does not run any ICO. Announcements as to what to do with your ETH balance will be made in time.

Spheres @ The Movement

Are you an enthusiast and have expertise in a particular topic? Would you like to become a creator, or an ambassador?

The Movement is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

As a founding member you can now create a Sphere. Collaborate with like-minded people from all around the world.

To all Early Adopters: Organise yourselves, collaborate, and shape the Movement.

The possibilities are endless.


Are you a Crypto Enthusiast and would like to share your knowledge? Become active in the Crypto Education Sphere.

Are you a Miner? Become a Mining Ambassador and build up a team concerned with mining.

Are you from Russia? Build the Russia Sphere and become an Ambassador for the Russian Community.

Request Sphere Creation

Please feel free to send a DM to MovementAI (BCTalk ID: 1097200).


Subject: Sphere Creation Request

Code: [Select]

Sphere Name:

Pease describe what you would like to do.

Creators of Spheres, as well as those who participate in the governance of Spheres are rewarded with Activity.  

The amount of Shares airdropped upon Genesis Launch is proportional to one's Activity towards the Movement.

The Movement's Infrastructure is being built up.

Crypto Adoption

Ease of Use and User Adoption lie at the very heart of the Movement.

At a time of vastly increased interest towards Cryptocurrency, educating Newcomers is an important task.

The Movement is deeply concerned with the creation of value.

More details will be published in our Whitepaper.


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