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Author Topic: [ANN] [BTSA] [FREE AIRDROP]- BitcoinSaving - Stake & get Interest - 40% per year  (Read 577 times)


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BitcoinSaving Cryptocurrency  

Symbol: BTSA.
Maximum Coins: 21,630,000
Launch Date: May 31, 2018.


BitcoinSaving is an open source POS/POW Hybrid Cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin.                    

For the first time in the crypto world, a savings account which gives 40% interest per year, only by holding coins in the account.

By holding coins, you get profit, no need to lock the wallet or use master nodes.

There is no minimum or maximum time limit and coins can be withdraw anytime without any penalty.

Crypto Exchange

BTSA coin is listed at

How to Stake Coins ?

1. Download BitcoinSaving Blockchain software.

2. Run the software and click on "Receive coins" tag.

3. Your Blockchain address will appear (started with the letter S).

4. Right click on the mouse, select and click on "copy address".

5. Sign Up with the supported crypto exchange, buy BTSA Coins and send them to your address.

6. Keep your wallet open and profit, Receive Interest after 8 hours.


This Coin Design for POS.
100,000 coins will be AirDrop.
Please Sign up for AirDrop here:


Crypto should be free from any kind of centralization.
Crypto should be totally anonymous.
Crypto should be based on truly Supply & Demand market.


POW/POS Bitcoin Algorithm.
No Mining.  
Switching to POS: After 2000 Blocks.    
Block Time: 1 Minute.  
Maximum coin supply: 21,630,000 .

Initial Coins Distribution

Maximum Coins: 21,630,000 .
3% Developer Premine.
100,000 for AirDrop.






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