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Author Topic: Xiropht (XIRO): Fast, Lightweight and Portable Centralized Cryptocurrency  (Read 63 times)


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Coin Name: Xiropht
Coin Ticker: XIRO
Type: Original, done from the scratch in C#.
Algo: Xiropht,  Summary:
Max Supply: 26000000 XIRO, extend by +0.1 to +0.5 XIRO per day
Block Lifetime: 60 seconds * difficulty lenght
Emission: ~3000-8000 XIRO/day, depending on mining activity and luck on probability.
Block reward/halving: 10 XIRO/block    No halving
Premine/dev fee: Pre-mine is zero.  Testers were rewarded and allowed to keep coins they mined during dev phase.   Dev fee is from Anonymous transactions fees.
ARM minable: Yes
Exchanges: Pending.


Summary: Xiropht is a centralized cryptocurrency.
Payments are processed and verified on a single central point. Xiropht is fully developed under the
C# programming language. Xiropht tools are not limited
to Windows systems, they can be ported to other systems such as Linux, Android and others by
external and valid technologies such as Xamarin and Mono.
Several points provide access to the network of the centralized Blockchain. Xiropht aims to prove
that mining can be protected in real time against ASIC's without going through a Soft/Hard Fork
and without the need to submit any significant updates to users or to important network points of
the cryptocurrency, such as Seed Nodes and Remote Nodes to keep them compatible with the

1. The purpose is also to propose the possibility to send transactions and received them in a fast way
by being only linked to the natural activity of the users on the sending of the transactions and not
with the mining operation. Also that it is possible to link each amount contained in a total wallet
balance to an identification number of the mining block to ensure that the amount does exist and is
not duplicated.

2. One of the main functions is also to give the total user balance linked to a bulk mining amount list
without the need to synchronize all data of the Blockchain, while putting in provision the history to
the users, while encrypting the transactions carried out so that it is only read by the users concerned
with a specific transaction.

3. As mentioned before, Xiropht is a centralized cryptocurrency, so it is possible that maintenance is
performed and can thus temporarily block access to the Blockchain.
To guarantee the security of the data, several backup systems have been set up, namely an internal
copying of the encrypted data over a regular interval, and a mirror system making it possible to
copy the data of the Blockchain in realtime set up on several servers.
These maintenances are also intended to improve the Blockchain, and it can that if necessary a
Soft/Hard Fork is set up for this purpose. Moving the Blockchain to more powerful servers can
also happen if necessary.

This ANN can be updated anytime in the case to provide a complement of informations

Official website:
Official github repositories:
Official Discord:
Official Telegram:


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