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Author Topic: [ANN] >> AIRDROP << [Healthy Food Program] COIN [Big Rewards]  (Read 16637 times)


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Welcome to the official GiveAway of the Healthy Food Program Coin

We've chosen to only do social giveaways. The benefit of this kind of giveaways is that it's more likely to gain attention in quite a small amount of time. If you want to support us than we're more than happy to announce the following small jobs:

Twitter Giveaway

Follow our Twitter page and Retweet & Share & Comment on our posts. For this job you get 250 coins

Facebook Giveaway

Follow us on Facebook and Share & Like & Comment on our posts. For this job you get 250 coins


We stand for healthy eating worldwide. That means making conscious choices about what to eat. Unfortunately this is way harder that it might seem. But still it is very necessary. Worldwide the number of persons with obesitas is still rising and that should be stopped. The number of people with heart diseases and diabetes is also going up. The cause of this sort of diseases is consuming unhealthy food. Unhealthy food is hard to recognize. Especially by take away restaurants. This should change and we want to make this change.

We want to create awareness! When you order something online it's mostly unhealthy food with a lot of unnecessary salt and fat. Also you never really know what sort of ingrediŽnts the chef used and how it is prepared. We want to integrate the Healthy Food Program coin by take away restaurant who have integrated healthy options. This could be lunches, dinners and late night snacks. The take away restaurant should offer good, tasty and healthy food. The ingrediŽnts and the number of carbohydrates should be shown by each dish next to the recommended amount of carbohydrates per meal. That means that the chef shouldn't use to much salt and fat. This is one of the conditions by integrating the Healthy food Prgramm coin. Nowadays there are lots of healthy takeaways worldwide. We're going to contact them and give them a helping hand to integrate the Healthy food program coin. In this way customers can easier, more aware and cheaper checkout. This will also help customers to eat healthier and make a more conscious choice about what sort of food they should eating. We hope on long term, by eating healthier, diseases as obesitas, heart diseases and diabetes decrease.

1) By preparing the chosen food, the chef will use as little as possible salt and will not use more carbohydrates than recommended
2) The chef will counter the amount of carbohydrates and fat percentage.
That means that the chef can't use more than the recommended amount of carbs for a normal lunch, diner or late night snack.
3) When the customer chooses to pick up the meal itself by cycling or by taking a stroll.
They get freebies in the form of food. Of course this should be low in carbs and be fitting in the recommended
standard of carbs and fat per meal. The choice of kind of extra you get is left to the restaurants themselves.

Specifications about the Healthy food program coin

Coinname    HealthyFoodProgram
Coincode    HEALTHY
RPC port    20016
P2P port    20015
pow rewards    15 coins
Max coins 550m
Premine    20
POS 55
last pow 1m
mature in 13 blocks
timespan    1 block
confirmations    5 blocks




Blockexplorer will follow soon.

Exchanges will follow later

Already done

- Discussing about the fact that we couldn't order some healthy pre workout food and that this should be done;
- We came up with the idea of making something like this possible with our own digital currency to make ordering
healthy food with the right amount of calories way easier;
- After that we thought that we should only make this possible for take out restaurants who really wanted to serve healthier and better food;
- Coming up with the name of Healthy food program;
- Discussing about how to fund this and how to get fundings when someone hinted we should start off on Bitcoingarden. So we did several days ago;
- Registering the website ;
- Developing the website and make in launch ready;
- Writing the topic and publish it;
- Coming up with a awesome social Airdrop;
- Registering our social canals;
- Announcing our giveaway.

What needs te be done

- Our priority is to submit Healthy food program to several exchanges so we can really get started;
- We've already contacted several takeaway restaurants who were very interested. Now is the time to contact
them again for implementing this concept. One of our guys who is very good at this kind of work is planning this out;
- Getting started with the block explorer;
- Recruiting more investors and take away restaurants;
- Starting to contact several takeaway restaurants to submit Healthy food program coin as a payment currency;
- More to follow soon.

The Airdrop is posted. We came up with a social giveaway on Twitter and Facebook.

Please visit our Aidrop topic

Feel free to translate this topic. Of course we'll reward you for it.



Mining pools are more than welcome! (Vietnamese)
Want to translate our main topic for 1000 coins? PM us.

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Re: [ANN] >> AIRDROP << [Healthy Food Program] COIN [Big Rewards]
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I took part in the twitter bounty
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Re: [ANN] >> AIRDROP << [Healthy Food Program] COIN [Big Rewards]
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2017, 10:53:25 PM »
Love this idea and participated in the twitter bounty! 

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Re: [ANN] >> AIRDROP << [Healthy Food Program] COIN [Big Rewards]
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Re: [ANN] >> AIRDROP << [Healthy Food Program] COIN [Big Rewards]
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twitter like and tweet all)
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  • Re: [ANN] >> AIRDROP << [Healthy Food Program] COIN [Big Rewards]
    « Reply #14 on: July 30, 2017, 04:53:47 AM »
    Great idea.
    Take part of twitter and Facebook compain



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