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Author Topic: [ANN] CampusCoin (CMPCO) - The College Cryptocurrency / [Airdrop / Bounties]  (Read 21166 times)


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CampusCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to be used by college students worldwide for instant transactions between peers at their schools. Unlike the various forms of university provided currencies that are present today, CampusCoin aims to connect all colleges and universities with a simple to use digital currency that can be accessed directly through mobile devices.  The CampusCoin team hopes to make our coin available at local stores, bars, restaurants near college campuses across the world. 

CampusCoin offers benefits that are not obtainable using fiat currencies:
For Students: Incentive based Campus Ambassador program, receiving free CampusCoin by signing up for the app using their official school email, as well as having the ability to carry out decentralized transactions from person to person.

For Schools: The ability to have access to a sub-ledger of all CampusCoin transactions that occur on their campus. This will be achieved using a unique key identification system for the wallet address of each school. This allows for schools to compile data that could be crucial to improving the financial aspect of its campus businesses.

For Retail Stores: Swifter transactions, protection from fraud, and quicker handling time per customer.

For Investors: Parents of soon to be college students can purchase this currency so their kids can have money easily sent to them through our easy to use app/website.  Being an early investor may allow the CampusCoin set aside for a prospective college student to grow in value.  As schools begin to accept our currency, the more valued our coins will become.

Coin Name: CampusCoin

Ticker Symbol: CMPCO

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 CMPCO

Total Premine: 200,000,000 CMPCO (10%)

Proof: Proof-of-Work (PoW)

Average Block Time: 60 Seconds

Block Reward: 1,500 CMPCO

Block Halving Rate: 600,000 Blocks

Block Maturation Period: 80 Blocks

Mining Algorithm: Scrypt

Genesis Block Date: July 6, 2017, 16:30 EST

Current Block: 10,168 as of July 14, 2017, 13:25 EST

Circulating Supply: 15,248,200 as of July 14, 2017, 13:25 EST

GitHub Source Code

Block Explorer 1

Block Explorer 2 (Public)


RPC Port: 28199
P2P Port: 28195

Simple CPU Mining Instructions

Mining Pools

Future Technology Strategies

The CampusCoin App

Our easy to use CampusCoin App will be available to anyone with a mobile device.  This app will allow quick transactions between college students and their peers.  A website corresponding with the app will allow for parents to easily send funds to their students if needed.  Students will be able to purchase CampusCoin via the app and use the coin to trade for goods at local stores, restaurants, and bars in the area.  Colleges will have access to private sub-ledgers for their student's transactions.  Stores will have an easy to use app for quick transactions with local students and CampusCoin holders.  The potential advantages using this app are abundant for students, colleges, and local stores.

Anticipated Release Date: Quarter 4, 2017

Mobile Device Transactions at Local Stores

CampusCoin aims to allow our investors to make purchases at local stores and restaurants directly through our app on their mobile device.  These transactions will be swifter due to our short average block time, and can help prevent fraud and theft at stores where these problems occur frequently.  Campus transactions will be safer and more secure than ever.

Anticipated Release Date: Quarter 4, 2017 With App

Private Sub-Ledgers for Schools

Each university that chooses to accept CampusCoin has the option to own a private sub-ledger.  These sub-ledgers are stemmed off the main public ledger of CampusCoin transactions and are specific to that school's transactions.  These sub-ledgers will provide universities the ability to compile data that would be valuable for potential growth within the university, as well as help prevent crime that occurs at the school.

Anticipated Release Date: Quarter 1-2, 2018

CampusCoin Credit System

CampusCoin plans on initiating a CampusCoin credit system for college students. This credit system, built into our CampusCoin app, will offer protection of your investments in the event that an investor spends CampusCoin and the price unexpectedly drops. The amount of credit a student can obtain will be limited until trust is earned through the app's credit system. More information coming soon.

Anticipated Release Date: Quarter 2-3, 2018

CampusCoin ATMs

At universities that choose to accept CampusCoin, installation of CampusCoin ATMs will be available. These ATMs will allow instant, direct transfers between CampusCoin and the US dollar.  Fiat currencies of other countries will be made available at schools that have a large population of that country.
Anticipated Release Date: Quarter 4, 2018

CampusCoin Giftcards

CampusCoin Giftcards will be available in the future containing a predetermined amount of CampusCoin. The QR code on the gift card will hold the CampusCoin which can be sent to a private wallet or spent at local stores that accept CampusCoin.  A perfect gift idea for your college student.
Anticipated Release Date: 2019

Future Marketing Strategies

College Ambassador Program

Be an official CampusCoin Ambassador by promoting CampusCoin at your local school. Earn rewards daily for encouraging students to sign up for our CampusCoin app. Receive a huge bonus if your school starts accepting CampusCoin at their school bookstores/dining halls. Rewards for local bars and restaurants accepting CampusCoin also available.

Interested in Being a School Ambassador?

Contact the CampusCoin team here.

Total Campus Ambassadors to Date: 30

Travel To Schools Worldwide

The CampusCoin team plans on traveling to campuses far and wide to spread the coin to as many schools as possible. Our goal is to speak with representatives from each school, integrating CampusCoin into the local businesses in the surrounding area. During these tours, CampusCoin sponsored events will occur in which digital currency will be promoted. The focus of these events will be to educate students on the ever-changing landscape of digital currency, and to answer any questions about our product they may have.

Gain Acceptance From Local Markets

CampusCoin representatives will be speaking with store, restaurant, and bar owners on each campus we visit. These businesses will be taught just how simple accepting CampusCoin can be, as well as the benefits that come along with its use. To facilitate reaching more schools, an incentive based system will be put in place in which Campus Ambassadors will receive CampusCoin for each business they help sign up. This will allow students to be able to spend their CampusCoin in a local market while furthering its wide-spread adoption.   

Free CampusCoin For College Students

All students who register for the CampusCoin app using their official college email will receive free CampusCoin.  The earlier students register for our CampusCoin app at their school, the more free CampusCoin they will receive.

Social Media Campaign

The CampusCoin team plans on launching a clothing-based marketing campaign using multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are interested in earning CampusCoin to promote our coin on your social media page, contact the team here.

200 Million CampusCoin Premined:

50 Million - College Ambassador Program (25%)
30 Million - CampusCoin ATM Bank (15%)
20 Million - Student App Registration (10%)
20 Million - Bank for Credit System (10%)
10 Million - Airdrops/Bounties (5%) - See Below

The last 70 million, (35%) will be used for Marketing/Development purposes. CampusCoin used for the ATM Bank, Student App Registration, and Credit System, will be escrowed until these products are released.


       Windows                                  Mac                        Linux Coming Soon

Check out our donation page for getting onto new exchanges here.  Looking to go to Livecoin and Bittrex next.



+150 CampusCoin - Post your wallet address below after downloading our wallet here.  Must have forum member status to receive airdrop.

Note: You will NOT receive the airdrop if you do not hold member status on this forum


+50 CampusCoin - Follow us on Twitter, then post your wallet address with Twitter handle below.
+25 CampusCoin (x3) - Retweet three of our tweets, 25 CMPCO per retweet. Must have 50 followers to qualify, post wallet address with links to retweets below.

+25 CampusCoin - Follow us on Facebook, then post your wallet address with Facebook link below.
+150 CampusCoin - Post an Instagram picture about CampusCoin giving a link to our Instagram page in the description.  Must have 100 followers to qualify, post wallet address with Instagram picture link below.

+50 CampusCoin - Join our Slack Channel and post your wallet address with slack name below.

Total Potential CampusCoin Earned From Initial Airdrop/Bounty: 500 CMPCO

Future Bounties

Future bounties will be put in place at various stages of our development. These bounties will include rocking CampusCoin apparel on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as using Social Media to promote our new app/products.  More details on these bounties will be released upon further development of our products.

Why So Many Giveaways?

The CampusCoin Team believes that using giveaways will aid in achieving our goals much easier due to the unique market our currency is targetting.  The college life is all over social media and getting the CampusCoin name out to as many people on social media as possible will help to grow the College Ambassador Program as well as give us data on what schools appear most interested.  This will help CampusCoin become available at as many schools as soon as possible. 

This creates a great opportunity for early investors as the investors can set aside the CampusCoin for a child who will be looking to go to college in the future. This set aside CampusCoin could one day be accepted at their kid's school.  This could help the child greatly with books, food, and living.  The CampusCoin will have most likely increased in value during this time period as well if it is accepted at a large amount of colleges.

The CampusCoin Team is deeply committed to revolutionizing the way money is handled at colleges and universities worldwide.  We are prepared to educate as many college students, parents, schools, and retail store owners on the benefits of using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology so that they can be prepared for the future that is cryptocurrencies.

Email The Developer:, Twitter

Email Support:, Twitter

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CampusCoin Address: CNPSxM38cKUPUabaQsn29eJD1aoL5ZJNiy

Links To Retweet:

Twitter Handle: @Sylvstr1
Instagram Name: beaverknightkappa
Slack Name: kappaslayers


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CampusCoin Address: CWnmEX9UfaaCpg3Sr3i7B5pkBjGnEdvenp
Slack: bobzky

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Bruh go for it!

I will promote on my site :))
I promoted it on my site :))

Address 4 CampusCoin
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Thanks for the coins, could you please tell me how to mine from windows wallet. i tried this command setgenerate true in console but it shows nothing that i mine in the debug.

Thanks guys, i wish you the best


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Thanks for the coins, could you please tell me how to mine from windows wallet. i tried this command setgenerate true in console but it shows nothing that i mine in the debug.

Thanks guys, i wish you the best

Send me an email at and I'll help you there.


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Installed wallet for airdrop please:


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Thank you dev for this amazing opportunity.


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