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- What is the type of your token?
GEN token is qualified as a utility token. The token will be used as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem.

- What is the total supply of GEN tokens?
Total supply of tokens is set at 12 000 000 000 tokens.

- Do you have a bounty program?
We do not have a bounty program.

- When will the Pre-Sale/Main Sale start/end?
Pre-Sale is scheduled to commence on 15 May and conclude on 31 May.
Main Sale is scheduled to commence on 1 June and conclude on 31 July.

- What is the price of 1 GEN token?
1 GEN token will cost $ 0.01

- Are there any bonuses/discounts in the Pre-Sale/Main Sale?
Pre-Sale: +20% bonus
Main Sale:
Round 1 (1 June-14 June): +17% bonus
Round 2 (15 June - 28 June): +9% bonus
Round 3 (29 June - 12 July): +5% bonus
Round 4 (13 July - 31 July): +2% bonus

- What is your Soft cap and Hard cap?
Soft cap: $ 20 000 000
Hard cap: $ 70 000 000

- What will happen with unsold tokens?
Unsold tokens will be burned.

- Do you have KYC?
Yes, there is a KYC procedure.

GENEXI Official Resources

- GENEXI Website
- GENEXI Telegram Channel
- GENEXI Telegram Chat
- GENEXI Facebook
- GENEXI Twitter
- GENEXI Medium
- GENEXI Youtube
- GENEXI Steemit
- GENEXI Linkedin
- GENEXI Reddit
- GENEXI Instagram

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  • Bitcoin Garden: GENEXI Biotech Accelerator announces Advisory Board

    In September 2017, Alexey Zhelyaskov founded GENEXI Biotech Accelerator, which operates as a Platform and a Foundation focusing on Hi-Tech Bio&Med research and drug development. GENEXI assembled an impressive Advisory Board and Core Team which, among others, include professional experts in biomedicine, digital health, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, downstream chemical processing, agriculture and bioservices. GENEXI will provide research, business development and marketing support to promising biotech projects to ensure their further development.

    In Q3 2017, GENEXI announced the launch of sustainable innovative ecosystem that brings transparency into biotech sector through blockchain technology. The projectís leaders reckon that in the field of healthcare, the application of this business model will be more than justified. GENEXI ecosystem is a digital space with a complex of high tech solutions, through which manufacturers, distributors and retailers can interact with each other by minimizing fraudulent activities of participants. The projectís primary purpose is combine its scientific, medical and project evaluation and development expertise to select the most promising arising solutions and studies in the process of continuous market monitoring and research.

    GENEXI Foundation is an organization employing a wide range of high-level innovative research scientists, who have dedicated themselves to an alternative industry different from the conventional life-science paths. GENEXI support specialists who provide manual heuristic analysis for most detailed venture assessment and prognosis. GENEXI has established partnership with leading research labs, institutes and medical advisors to select the most promising projects with the highest expected return rates....

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