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Author Topic: Satay Coin - ( POS / POW ) Digital Currency for Foodtrucks, Streetfood and more  (Read 8798 times)


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Welcome to the airdrop of Satay

Lets make it easy. We need you to do several jobs for us. We will try to get everyone their coins twice a day.

Job 1:
100 Coins to share & retweet & follow us at twitter.
Job 2:
100 coins to Like & Share & Post post something about us on Facebook.

Please reply with the proof of work and your wallet address.



Original Topic:

Welcome to the World of Satay COIN

(Digital currency for street-food, food-trucks, bars and restaurants)

Possible the most eaten dish worldwide. Invented and most eaten in Asia as street-food and in the western world in restaurants, bars and food-trucks! You can eat satay of nearly all kinds of meat but also veggie style and for the people who insist also insect satay is on the menu. While still being in the development phase we want to proof the world that a digital currency like Satay could do tasty well! Also we would like to get actual food websites, communities and later on real food-trucks, satay bars and restaurants of all sorts to accept Satay coin. Of course there is a long road to follow. But we are sure that in the time to follow and the years to come a large percentage of all companies in the food industry b2c will recognize that being independent with the current banking system is the key to large volume happy customers and success.

The Satay Bounty program:
It was weeks ago when we came up with our Satay bounty program. Today it's finally time to start! Turn on the grill and lets make some free Satay for everyone. ( you need to do tiny jobs to earn lots of free Satay coins! ) 

Satay pre launch development road-map
Satay team meeting week 22
Satay project agreement week 24
Satay project development started week 25
Satay gives a green sign to unloading the project to the public week 27.
Satay Topic Launch week 28
Satay Trading Launch week 29
Satay news and updates will be spread thru different media.

Satay road-map:
After the topics gets released and minor and small updates will be placed in this topic.
Giveaway / Bounties topic are released.
Twitter and other social-media releases, help us = bounty
Telegram group with important updates
Team member assigned to the Airdrop topic.
Connectivity to several minting pools
Searching for a place to host a faucet.
Devs working on improving of the sustainable block-chain.
Creation of a MAC / Android Wallet
- Our hangout / Website
Merchant subscription so people can pay/buy/sell our currency Satay with Euro/Dollar/Yen & over 100 other Altcoins.
Start connecting food related sites and communities with Satay coin.
Start of local campaigns in different countries to create awareness for our coin and services.
Gathering and b2b promotion to get Satay as payment method within the street-food and food-truck markets.
Gain b2c customers within the food-bar and small restaurant markets.
Searching for a second and third exchange to get listed. Any suggestions welcome!

Satay within your online community, food truck and bar & restaurant:

To all business owners from street-food to bars to established small and medium restaurants. At this last 2 years you've experienced that new innovative payment methods are released. Just like Satay coin. Our coin is being promoted on worldwide scale. But of-course not in a huge size that we will matter within days or weeks. But while growing thu all stages of this Digital currency project we will gain more exposure and expected value. If you would want to support this initiative we would like to get in touch with you for the first exclusive acceptances within real restaurants. Why? A lot of customers would like to keep their anonymity. With the current banking system each transaction gets logged. So if this information would ever fall in the wrong hands, which it does actually on daily basis, it's like a Spy, which will keep following you. By accepting Satay coin you can improve the anonymity of your customers which they long.

The team:
We have a premine of under 1%. We will use this to cover all costs, and setup a great bounty program. Also we will start advertising on different media to get more attention.

How will we start trading?
Our digital currency needs to get listed on a major Coinexchanges. For this we need a serious amount of bitcoin to even get this done. In case you would like to support us you can PM us for a donation address. We are working on the contracts to get us listed. Though this will not be the easiest task which we are facing. We will keep you updated thru out all mediums we can find.

The Satay coin in details:
RPC port   19514
P2P port   19513
Block reward   110 coins
Last PoW block   block 5000000
PoS percentage   99% per year
Coinbase maturity   110 blocks
Transaction confirmations   20 blocks

All Satay Coin and resources:

Satay Wallet!pGZySTCR!Nz7Tvyl_U_goM2vFXeH0AJAJExroUynau4W2zYEnwm0!9DRFzKZI!uSt5yV5oFXpeDtHa2pS_BojsMACYC7-AWkeFdxYh71g

Satay Source-code (not uploaded yet)

Satay Mining pools

Satay Faucets

Satay Social-media

Satay merchant accounts: (in review)

Satay Trading platform:

Satay Telegram

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Your graphics for the wallet look delicious!!!!

I have liked, followed, retweeted and tweeted.




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coins send.. good night!

Coin Trader

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Done doing the tasks:

Followed at twitter, liked all posts, retweeted all posts, my twitter account:

Followed and liked at FB, shared the posts and posts about Satay coin: my FB Account:
my post:

my satay address: SPSVVQBsG2AC6C1bMk3TzYGchsCc8pWMs4
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Hi Satay Coin. 

I completed all tasks.  Please see proof of work below.


Thanks so much.


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Retwitt :
Follow : @arif_tyanet
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Like : Arif Setiawan
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