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Author Topic: [ANN] Bitmxittz [BMXT] New Chain [ANN]  (Read 2302 times)


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[ANN] Bitmxittz [BMXT] New Chain [ANN]
« on: July 01, 2017, 02:20:27 PM »

Announcement Project Bitmxittz

Project Bitmxittz [Bitcoin Market Exper's Trade & Track Zonoid]

An inter-active trade tracking zonoid for bitcoin market experts.

Bitmxittz is unique program to trade/track global bitcoin markets at single place.

Bitmxittz is a program tracks all trades of bitcoins from exchanges and markets globally.

This progrm collects all bitcoin trade data and transactions from global markets and exchanges using api.

This program shows bitcoin price variants on different markets/exchanges with different currencies with it's volume and orders.

This program has auto trade feature to trade bitcoins.

visit for more details.

Bitmxittz Old Chain

Bitmxittz old chain will be closed after coin swap.

For more details about Bitmxittz old chain goto thread  .

Or visit website .

Bitmxittz New Chain

Name                                   Bitmxittz

Code                                    BMXT



Max. Supply                         10,000 Coins

Premined                             100% (for swap with old coin Bitmxittz BMXTZ)

Algorithm                             Scrypt

Type                                    PoW

Coin Type                             PoS 0%

Transactions                         6 confirmations (spendable after 2 confirmations)

Block Reward                        N/A (Miners can mine for tx fee)

Block Timespan                     N/A

Mining/Pool                           N/A


Email                                    [email protected]


Bitmxittz Features & specifications

P2P payment with close to zero transaction fee.

Online Payment with close to zero transaction fee.

Maximum money supply 10,000 coins.

Web wallets to store online.

Windows/Linux/Android wallet for offline storage.

Bitmxittz Exchanges

Exchange 1

Exchange 2

Exchange 3

Exchange 4 

Bitmxittz Exchangers

Exchanger 1         To be added

Exchanger 2         To be added

Exchanger 3         To be added

Exchanger 4          To be added

Bitmxittz Merchants

Merchant1         1st Merchant Bounty 2 coins

Merchant2         2nd Merchant Bounty 1 coin

Merchant3         3rd Merchant Bounty 1 coin

Bitmxittz Wallets

Windows Wallet!JfJ0QAIA!b67zLb4PbRFw0vE9ZOCB0hIv8Ov38nJtZLRWcRJbeXA

New upgraded
Windows Wallet!RS4zFY7J!KXNQrPhWnxoF6F1BGyB74PS-3oGctsFq41OCfL-z4F4
(Virus Total scan result = 5/64:

Linux Wallet    !wLRn3KbD!EbnxotcolNah07m7jHwcNEP-GIC-5Zz9MjnjRE3mZXQ

Raspberry Pi Wallet     Will be added soon

Android Wallet          To be updated soon

Web Wallet1             1st Web Wallet Provider Bounty 2 coins

Web Wallet2             1st Web Wallet Provider Bounty 1 coin

Web Wallet3             1st Web Wallet Provider Bounty 1 coin

Wallet setup



port                         14433

rpcport                     14432

Since this coin is 100% premined no reward for new blocks, miners can mine for transaction fee using built-in miner or scrypt miner.

Bitmxittz Source

GitHub      (updated)


Bitmxittz Forums



Bitmxittz Social]


Bitmxittz Media

Image Gallery

Video Channel

Bitmxittz Translation Bounty

Russian Translation               Bounty 0.1 coins

French Translation                Bounty 0.1 coins

Chineese Translation             Bounty 0.1 coins

Japaneese Translation           Bounty 0.1 coins

Hindi Translation                   Bounty 0.1 coins

Arabic Translation                 Bounty 0.1 coins

Urdu Translation                   Bounty 0.1 coins

Indonesian Translation          Bounty 0.1 coins

Dutch Translation                  Bounty 0.1 coins

Portuguese Translation          Bounty 0.1 coins

Bitmxittz For Developers

Skilled individuals, programmers, developers may contact via email to join project Bitmxittz.

Payments will be done in BTC, BMXT or any other digital currency suitables developers.

Developers will be paid as per their work.

Bitmxittz Pre-Launch Offer

*Pre-Launch Offer valid till 15th Jul 2017 only*

On public demand we have decided to pre-launch sell of 100 BMXT out of 500 BMXT reserved for project developement.

Pre-launch sell maximum 100 coins.

Pre-launch sell price 0.10000000BTC per coin.

Minimum purchase amount 0.1 BMXT.

Purchase can only be made via escrow service.

Purchase request from your Bitrated account to user Bitmxittz.

Payments only accepted in BTC.

Funds collected from pre-launch sell will be used for project developement.

Coins not sold will not be destroyed nor be dumped upon launch, they will be kept for future use.

Pre-Launch Offer start date will be updated soon.

Pre-Launch Offer ends date will be updated soon.

Pre-launch offer is an opportunity to those who missed coin drop and potential investors to invest in before launch.

Pre-Launch Offer Purchase Instruction:

1. Goto login to your account (create one and login if you don't have)

2. Click on tab "Trades"

3. Click on "Create your firat trade"

4. Discribe what and how much you buying in "I am buying".

5. Enter Bitmxittz or [email protected] in "From".

6. Enter btc amount in "For".

7. Enter trust agent username in "Trust agent".

8. Enter BTC address for refund.

9. Enter detailed discription of item, delivery method and other agree upon terms (optional).

10.Click on "CREATE TRADE".

You will receive further instructions via msg/notifications.





*Pre-Launch Offer valid till 15th Jul 2017 only*

Bitmxittz Coin Swap

Coin Swap of Bitmxittz [BMXTZ] raw token with Bitmxittz [BMXT] base coin of project Bitmxittz at 1:1 ratio.

All 10,000 Bitmxittz [BMXTZ] will be swapped with 10,000 Bitmxittz [BMXT] (max supply 10,000 coins 100% premined for swap).

Download wallet from given link above and get your new chain Bitmxittz [BMXT] address.

Transfer your old coins Bitmxittz [BMXTZ] to coin swap address below with your new coin Bitmxittz [BMXT] address in 'Note' to swap with new coins.

Coin Swap Instructions.

1. Goto old coin website link.

2. Access your wallet.

3. Goto Transfer.

1. Enter "wallet" address  f0e6b2fe30e3949aafe5db6f4f431875 .

2. Enter your new chain address in "Note".

3. Enter "Transfer Coin Now".


Coin swap deposit address f0e6b2fe30e3949aafe5db6f4f431875.

Coin swap start date 15 Jul 2017.

Coin swap end date 30 Jul 2017.

Every one should deposit their old coins (Bitmxittz BMXTZ) to given coin swap address above before coin swap end date.

(Note: After coin swap end date no coins will be accepted for swap and Old coin Bitmxittz [BMXTZ] will be no more valid.
Old coins transfered after coin swap end date will not be swapped.
Coins not swapped before deadline will be used for project developement and bounties.)
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Re: [ANN] Bitmxittz [BMXT] New Chain [ANN]
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2017, 02:27:55 PM »
where is the pool? ;D
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Re: [ANN] Bitmxittz [BMXT] New Chain [ANN]
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2017, 05:10:23 PM »
Exchanges Added.

Exchange 1

Exchange 2

More exchanges will be added soon.


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