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Author Topic: Eidoo Airdrop to award 6-months token holders (EXTERNAL)  (Read 836 times)


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  • Eidoo Airdrop to award 6-months token holders (EXTERNAL)
    « on: October 16, 2017, 07:26:53 PM »
    Eidoo Airdrop to award 6-months token holders:

    Proud to receive such positive feedback for the token sale we just ended, Eidoo is happy to announce an upcoming airdrop that will award token holders who won’t move their EDO tokens for a 6-months period starting from the end of the token sale.

    We are giving the chance of receiving airdrops as previously revealed in the official Ethereum Funding Informative Prospect.

    How the Eidoo Airdrop works

    Users who joined the Eidoo token sale will receive an Eidoo airdrop of 25% based on the tokens bought during the token sale (from October 4th to October 16th) and not moved for over 6 months.

    The Eidoo airdrop is expected to begin on April 17th; as a result of this airdrop, more than 3,000 addresses will be eligible to receive EDO.
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