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Author Topic: Avence : Big data validation made by humanswritten in the blockchain  (Read 170 times)


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Avence  : Big data validation made by humanswritten in the blockchain

Pre-ICO is live! Current price: $0.04
250% bonus on Public Sale

Proof of Human
Proof of Human (PoH) is a brand new protocol which makes people decisions and analysis the hearth of the blockchain. Each transaction must be validated by a human in order to pursue a final confirmation. Being part of the network gives you the power to complete the blockchain, block by block.

Big data & Blockchain
Companies will push their Big data into the Avence blockchain, creating a pending transaction. Workers (humans) will confirm the data piece by piece to pursue the confirmation of the transaction. The confirmation will result to a full analysis of the data.

Avence Token
Avence Token is the solar power of the blockchain. Companies will have to bid each block to push the data. Workers (humans) will get a fair and equal piece of Avence token for their work analysis.

Avence Intelligence
Aside our data validation system, Avence offers a process of intelligent data analysis named Avence Intelligence. The purpose of this analysis protocol is to reflect the average point of view of the target user defined by our partners. This adds crucial data to relevance choices in terms of perceived content validity.

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