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Author Topic: [ANN] [RIN] ♥ Ringo ♥ | PoS | New Wallet! | Multi pool! | Exchanges  (Read 1128 times)


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  • Ringo is apple in Japanese.  I love to eat apples every day, so they're very important to me.  I created Ringo because I love crispy apples, and hope to some day be able to use it to buy and sell apples.

    Ringo will be distributed through a PoW phase then transition into a PoS state where users can generate Ringo from their wallets (Trees).  Our unique idea of PoS creates an environment if you have a amount, you still can generate a large harvest of Ringo. 
    The community as a whole produces a stronger network with this idea creating a huge orchard.  With our PoS model it's encouraged to plant a small seed, and watch it grow!

    Launch : 2014/05/25 15:00 JST(GMT + 9)


    Name : Ringo
    Symbol : RIN
    Algorithm : Scrypt / Proof of Work + Proof of Stake (Difficulty Reward)
    Premine : 0
    Block time : 1 minute
    Difficulty : DigiShield v2.0
    Confirmations on Transactions: 10
    Confirmations on Mined Blocks: 360
    Port : 9393
    RPCPort : 9292


    v1.1.1.1 beta(fix IRC)

    Windows | mega
    Linux(Ubuntu) | mega
    Source | github

    v1.0.4.2 (Classic GUI)

    Windows | mega
    Linux(Ubuntu) | mega
    Source | github

    Please backup wallet.dat before update

    v1.1.1.1(2014/7/20 fix IRC)
    v1.1.0(2014/6/28 New Wallet [base v1.0.4.2])
    v1.0.4.2(2014/6/28 change key of sync-checkpoint,add pnSeed & checkpoint,etc)

    New wallet!

    [Proof of Work]
    Block Reward : 10 + Previous PoW Diff * 100
    Total Blocks : 10000
    Ending Diff: 38.54486305 base

    [Proof of Stake]
    Block Reward :
    1 - 10000 / Previous PoW Diff * 100
    10001 - 20000 / PoW Diff of 10000 Blocks * 100
    20001 - 120000 / PoW Diff of 10000 Blocks * 10
    120001 - / PoW Diff of 10000 Blocks
    nStakeMinAge : 6 hours

    With PoW ending at Diff 38.54486305 our rewards for PoS are as follows:

    10001-20,000 blocks 3854.48630467 RIN
    20001-120000 385.44863047 RIN
    120001 - 38.54486305 RIN

    About 65,500,000 RIN was generated up to blocks 64460.

    About PoS(Difficulty Reward)
    Our PoS harvesting system was set up to allow a steady staking reward from your Ringo.  We let the network decide how many Ringo would be produced based off the difficulty at the end of the PoW phase for the future PoS blocks. With this system there is a possibility of obtaining a large reward even you only plant a small amount. Of course it need luck.  We feel this will help strengthen the orchard and encourage wide adoption through new users planting seeds.

    Why Scrypt?
    We believe that ASICs can be helpful to the crypto currency ecosystem.  We think they provide for a strong, powerful, more secure network.  This is the reason we decide to choose the scrypt algorithm for the PoW phase of the initial coin distribution.

    [Multi Pool]
    LA Multi Pool (beta test)
    Scrypt / X11

    PoW Mining was terminated
    Thanks mining Ringo!
    LA Mining pool


    monagraph Informations of Coin

    cryptocoinrank Market Statistics RIN/MONA chart web wallet
    Harvest web wallet(ja)

    Ringo-arena (bata test)
    RINGO DICE (bata test)

    Address generater (thanks grtthegreat)

    [Block Explorer]
    Block Explorer

    [Donate to the Apple Fund - 0% Premined]


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