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Author Topic: [MOBI] MobiusCoin (SHA256) 21000000 Coins {Fresh Start} Trading @ Comkort  (Read 2021 times)

Eddy Ackerman

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MöbiusCoin Launched!!!!

Trading is LIVE!!!  MOBI<-> BTC, LTC, DOGE


MöbiusCoin is a community based project with a clear goal to provide digital currency to the masses.

The Coin was created for people with limited mining power that cant keep up with the rising Bitcoin
difficulty to get in at the start of the coins birth and be able to mine and receive coins easily.

We are just regular guys with a common interest in Crypto currency, computing and coding. 

MöbiusCoin is an open source project so anyone can get involved with the development of the coin.

Key Features of MöbiusCoin

1.  MöbiusCoin is many times faster to deploy than other Crypto Currencies : Running a Bitcoin Wallet
     takes 3-7 days for the wallet to be synced with the network.  With MöbiusCoin your wallet will be
     synced in minutes (1 hour max.)

2.  MöbiusCoin is very easy to adopt and acquire,  you can set your miners to mine from the available
     mining pools and it is still possible to solo mine with a GPU and any Asics based miners eg Antminer
     U1, U2, S1, S3 and many other brand of miners.

3.  MöbiusCoin can be easily implemented into any online shop or any online site that uses digital currency.

4.  MöbiusCoin can also easily be Bought,  Sold and Exchanged for any currency on one of the exchanges

Download your Möbiuscoin Wallet @

MöbiusCoin v0.8.6.0

50 Coins per block

Block halving every 210000

21 Million total Coins

10 Minute Blocks



RPC 21012

P2P 11012

Development Team

Eddy - Administrator
Rossen - Coding

Anyone wishing to join our team PM Eddy,  Thank you

Github Source :

0.8% premine for bounties and Coin dev.


@ Buy, sell [MOBI]!! Three markets are live MobiusCoin MOBI<-> BTC, LTC, DOGE


Bounty: 30000 [MOBI] for first Pool -
Bounty: 30000 [MOBI] for first Node - MOBI -12LwvHnd9Hb2jvZjeHZzWhodZ6R93xGF1V
Bounty: 10000 [MOBI] for a block explorer with hosting!!!!!! - MOBI - 12LwvHnd9Hb2jvZjeHZzWhodZ6R93xGF1V
Bounty: 500 [MOBI] for a MöbiusCoin promotional Campaign!!!!!!
Bounty: 100 [MOBI] for a robust MAC Wallet!!!!
Bounty: 100 [MOBI] for a robust Linux Wallet!!!!
Bounty: 500 [MOBI] for an Android Wallet!!!!
Bounty: 500 [MOBI] for an IOS 7 Wallet!!!!
Bounty: 100 [MOBI] for a Paper Wallet!!! "PM Eddy" for Image Ideas
Bounty: ??   [MOBI] for games - DICE/LOTTO/CASINO "PM Eddy" with Offers!!!!

MöbiusCoin Example.conf



Get in on the action!! a fresh start for all the miners who cant keep up with the Bitcoin difficulty!!!!!

We will be working hard on setting up more nodes and mining pools.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can help Möbiuscoin by providing a Full-time node

Vote for Exchange

Please vote for MobiusCoin to be added to the Exchange - Every vote counts

NEW!! -  If you register you can vote every 10 minutes if you link your twitter account you can vote every 2 minutes!!!.  Donations in BTC are also allowed.

New!!! - Cryptoine Exchance - Totally Free 1 vote per day + 5 votes for sign up

Vote for C-CEX Exchange @ please vote for us. This will make our favorite currency more stable. - ComKort Exchange - TRADING LIVE!!

Block Explorer

MöbiusCoin Faucet

Wallet Downloads

Windows Wallet download -ö

Linux Wallet Download -

Contact :[email protected] or through the website

To donate MOBI: 1ACmnQCneKQDn6FgzE2XFatAQZnLQ1PzKw

To donate BTC: 1GUjtP9zwD6rcpo4cUXCWA4n7hScr6NbZz
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Eddy Ackerman

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Hi, to everyone on Bitcoin Garden - MöbiusCoin was launched on 08 September 2014,  we are a growing community and anyone that wants to get involved in the project pls PM me.  Thank You.  8)


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