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Author Topic: Looking for websites that want to add XMG banners.  (Read 1169 times)


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Looking for websites that want to add XMG banners.
« on: October 23, 2014, 11:00:02 AM »
[XMG] Magi | 1st PoS-II | 1st PoM | Fair Distr | Tor | M7M CPU only

Magi XMG is currently still a unique altcoin.
Magi has some unique campaigns.
Below a number of things that have been achieved within 6 weeks after launch.
Magi XMG is looking inside and outside Bitcointalk for more services.
At the moment we are looking for websites that want to add a Magi XMG banner on their website.
If you can help Magi XMG with that send me a PM.
Of course there is compensation across.
Timeline tracker Magi XMG


Test phase.                  Target successfully achieved

XMG thread translations.      
Greek http://

XMG exchanges.      

XMG voting         

XMG give-aways.      

XMG website.      

XMG reddit.         

XMG twitter.      

XMG facebook.   

XMG game.         

XMG donations.      

XMG Coinmarketapp.   

XMG international.   

XMG Proof of mining campaign (unique).

XMG Proof of biking campaign (unique).

XMG Service and market
in development

XMG android wallet app.         
in development

XMG payment services            
in development

XMG other websites   

XMG faucet                  
in development

XMG media          
10/21: Satoshis.Guru - Coin of the Magi;
10/19: The Cryptocoin Chronicle - Magi: The Coin of The CPU Miner;
more in development

XMG whitepaper

XMG TOR            
Wallet enables the Tor anonymity                  

XMG POS II (unique)            
still to come

XMG airdrop      

XMG videos

Under development:
XMG faucet
XMG android wallet app
XMG payment services

Vision Statement and goal:

Magi XMG has to become a professional decentralized payment network used by millions of people across the world. XMG is a fair coin without premine. XMG will be used as currency in order to pay for goods and services on the internet or in shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.
XMG should be treated as your normal wallet, and sometimes even better than that!
Just like in real life, pay attention to your wallet. XMG makes it easier than ever to send your money worldwide, you always have control over your money.

Objective of XMG:

Obtaining global acceptance.
Large number of usage possibilities.
Despite the tough competition always stay unique.
XMG will continuously go with the upcoming future changes
BTC 1J7wFce3Ve8iPoY3BXQRvvLLcg6mfWSQHz
XMG 97XBFXZX5Ce77BQWGbg5N5ygCyqmwGJ1Z8


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