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Author Topic: Iquant Chain (IQT) AIRDROP  (Read 286 times)


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Iquant Chain (IQT) AIRDROP
« on: November 17, 2017, 06:19:31 AM »

Iquant Chain (IQT) is planning to build the application to utilize the block chain technology to collect the intelligent quantitative trading and the digital cryptocurrency assets. Iquant has cooperated with its partner to build a state-of-art, top level intelligent quantitative auto-trading service platform. In the intelligent quantitative trading area in China, Iquant Chain (IQT) is the only application, which entered block chain application, and has a successful existing project used by thousands of users every day.

Currently, the world’s major digital currency exchanges and actual financial assets exchanges do not take in each other’s transaction objects, especially when block chain investment market is still at its early stage. Moreover, most of the block chain assets distribute on different trading platforms among different countries, so ordinary investors often encounter with various problems like UI not unified, transaction unstable or words monolingual which forced them to switch their investment via several exchanges. Therefore, transaction on this integrated platform upon Iquant chain will help users realize intelligent push-button investment of global digital currency and actual financial assets safely, promptly and stably.
Iquant Chain aiming to build One-stop Integration of Global Digital Assets with Intelligent and Quantitative Financial Investment

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