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Author Topic: BitcoinFlame,A new world |NO ICO| NO SCAM| NO ESCAPING DEV  (Read 310 times)


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BitcoinFlame,A new world |NO ICO| NO SCAM| NO ESCAPING DEV
« on: September 22, 2018, 09:08:05 PM »
Hello,everyone! How you doing?
I am very excited to make this announcement.We will start a new project--  -- BitcoinFlame !
Algorithm :Cryptonight-Lite V1

Maximum supply:45,000,000

Premine: about 4%

Block time:240 seconds

Block Reward so far:20

Why BitcoinFlame?
The anonymous transaction function that bitcoin lacks is realized. The transactions you generate on the block are not traceable.

  We create economic benefits in the process of issuing tokens, but it's rare for the world. What we want to convey is freedom. What we seek is a spirit of decentralization. We know that the government is used to make life better, not oppression. We have no intention of offending the laws and regulations of various countries, and we hope that the government will understand our efforts for human peace.
  Everyone's legitimate trading record should not be monitored, trading in Bitcoin Flame is not traceable, and nobody knows where your currency comes from, which protects people's privacy.
  Based on Monero and bytecoin, this is just the beginning, not the plagiarism, because our starting point is different, and we want to create a truly decentralized currency. We're not going to split up at will, regardless of the miners'opinions. We're going to build a more democratic community where everyone has a chance to speak out.

Our team is modest, we don't act arrogantly, we don't act ungratefully, we don't want to sell Premine's coins at will, if Mr. Satoshi appears, we'll give him all the premine coins. We are willing to help improve block chain technology, the community is open, we welcome any technical personnel to participate in our development, we are willing to pay.





BTC donate:36vHTsf4hJnN6WXwuiHqZ8W8TgfBQN2VNW

please send payments and your BTCF address to our email: [email protected] and we will give you the rewards

Inner Voices for BitcoinFlame-Official-Team

Are you still entangling whether to mine or buy encrypted currencies?

Are you worried about all this turning into air?

Still worried about the cost of mining?

Afraid of being caught in a Scam?

Worried about the money development team escaping?

Why don't you start a real and interesting project with us?

We will never run away!

WHY WE CREATE 'BitcoinFlame'?

  As we all know, there are a lot of crypto-currencies in the world against bitcoin. Apparently, their rise has come as the price of bitcoin has risen, and altcoins's developers want to make money from it. We don't want to criticize money, but we strongly condemn the irresponsible behavior of some of them. They developed some altcoins, and then they made some bitcoin, and then they disappeared. From ICO,hardfork, modifying algorithms, defrauding computing power, they do things for their own sake. They have all kinds of excuses to do these things and never respect people's opinions.

What is  blockchain and what is bitcoin?

  We think that the people have not pay attention to the real technology and truth, like the movie 'Jurassic world' mad scientist and businessman, crazy to earn the money, we are not saying that money is not good, but we always think that way chasing interests will lose a lot of things, you get the money, and lost the feelings, we don't want to let that happen. The significance of the blockchain lies in safer accounts and decentralization. It belongs to people and is a world without dictators. Mr. Satoshi stopped talking when he created bitcoin, but now many people have created their altcoins and want to speak on behalf of Mr. Satoshi, apparently just to make money.We all need money but we can not make scams to earn money.No one can speak on behalf of Mr.Satoshi,we create BitcoinFlame to inherit his ideas,to start a new world.

About algorithms and maximum supply

  The algorithm will start with cryptonight variant 1,to respect the Monero team.We may hardfork to change it ,but it depends on people all over the world.We will make a fair way to help everyone to speak out.According to people’s opinions ,our team will make something update (like algorithm changed and so on).The max supply will be 45,000,000 Base_reward = (MONEY_SUPPLY - already_generated_coins).

About our team

  We are anonymous,but we have to tell you that some of us had joined some famous coins’ development before.We are from all over the world,and we never escape.As long as the earth survives,we survive.We will work hard on BTCF,but we need you,dear miners, buyers and supporters.

About Roadmap

Firstly,BTCF will be listed on exchange websites.
Secondly,the shop will be opened soon,people can buy goods by BTCF.
Thirdly we will make Redemption game to encourage people to join BTCF-project.
Last but not least,we will let the whole world know about BTCF!
All we have to do is trying our best to make the value of BitcoinFlame with you.
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