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Author Topic: [ANN]'s Official Token Listing Today - No Presale - Uniswap  (Read 207 times)


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Hello, is the popular file sharing & transfer service operating since 2019. is launching its' own token this evening at 18.00 GMT on
No presale, ico or any commercial sale made for this coin. will use it's own capital to provide the first small liquidity on and will directly list its' own token on the dex.

I don't want to try to convince people for anything as's success can be researched easily on the web as it is one of the popular file sharing and transfer service and it is a real service. is currently ranking number 1 and number 2 (flactuating) for the popular keywords on google worldwide : File Upload and Upload file.

The reason for launching the token is, ESY token will be implemented to ecosystem that is described in pitch deck that can be found here: will contribute to ESY Token by buying ESY from the exchange every month with %10 if its' revenue.

ESY Token Contract address is : 0x591ba66cbA0cB45daB26B0bFC39B2169a5B1d9A0
Listing Price: $0.001
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Uniswap Tradin Link: Gets listed at 18.00 GMT, October 17

I will add uniswap trading link when it is available this evening. Here is the images from the pitch deck and latest month's operating results taken from


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