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Author Topic: [ANN] FAILCoin | Scrypt Hybrid PoW/PoS 2.0 | Worldwide Team | Launched | EmpoEx  (Read 880 times)


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FAIL was born on 8 March 2014 6PM GMT as an answer to the hundreds of new coins launched with no purpose, and because of those
who were created to benefit few people, and to FAIL the rest. We think that such actions are hurting cryptocurrencies in general, because they forced many people
to just give up on them. Nowadays trust in a coin is "building" by using fancy threads/images, features and giving false promises. Each and every day we are seeing
numerous coins popping up. They promise you "the Moon", but at the end they are leading you to another failure. These people are doing it only because
of the money involved and they just don't care about what will happen tomorrow or after 10 years from now. These people don't care if cryptocurrencies will exist
in future, they just want to steal your trust, time, money, coins and move on to another scheme. That is why so many good coins and their developers are struggling.
There are still good and honest people who are involved in cryptocurrencies not only because of the profits, but also because of the future possibilities they can provide.
We are trying to be among these people and we will use our knowledge and community to make our cryptoworld a little bit better than it is now.

Algo: Scrypt Hybrid PoW/PoS
Initial block reward: 12 coins
PoS interest: 3% anually
Block time: 64 seconds
Difficulty retarget: Every Block
Min transaction fee: 0.0001 FAIL
Fees are paid to miners
Confirmations: 10, maturity: 50 Blocks
Min stake age: 8 hours, no max age
P2P port: 15646, RPC port: 15647
Premine for Swap: 20,000,551 FAIL

Burned coins TxID: bc2460d2a1d4361eea018bb4f011bff348ec0085efcb9719d97f571fc851a280
(earlz's addresses.
You can simply do a CTRL+F, add specific address and see it: F5q7ToS5rKDfdAt2rgf9yPXY2f21wp8sq4

Burned coin amount: 4,374,111.7303088 FAIL
Total initial supply: 15,626,440 FAIL

Sample conf:
Code: [Select]

Block reward halving schedule:

First 888 blocks are with 0 reward to prevent instamine.

      888 - 492,750        (~1st year  - 6 coins)
492,750 - 1,478,250   (~3rd year - 3 coins)
       1,478,250 - 2,463,750  (~5th year - PoW is over)

FAIL future ~supply (including premine):

PoW/PoS ~supply: 39,689,357 coins after 5 years

6th year: 40,880,038    10th  year: 46,011,067     14th year: 51,785,863     18th year: 58,285,447     22th  year: 65,600,786
7th year: 42,106,440    11th  year: 47,391,400     15th year: 53,339,439     19th year: 60,034,011     23th  year: 67,568,809
  8th year: 43,369,842    12th  year: 48,813,142     16th year: 54,939,623     20th year: 61,835,032     24th  year: 69,595,874 
9th year: 44,670,938    13th  year: 50,277,536     17th year: 56,587,812     21th year: 63,690,083     25th  year: 71,683,751




TRADE FAIL VS:                          TRADE FAIL VS:
BITCOIN                                 BITCOIN



"We can't force you to mine, buy, sell or support FAILCoin in any way.
We are begging you next time you're faced with a choice about
buying or supporting some cryptocurrency, do the right thing.
It hurts everyone less in the long run."

We have failed and scammed number of times, because we are trying to be honest and we believe in humanity.
The result is not always good though. FAIL will start as a simple PoW/PoS coin and our goals will be:

1. Building strong network and community.
2. Working hard on adoption.
3. Stick around and not run away.

Our team will support FAILCoin with personal funds and it's own profits from other coins.
We will be open to discuss our future as a cryptocurrency with all the people who show
interest in it and give their suggestions. We are not going to lie though - this will take time.
That is why we will almost never give ETA about anything which leads to FAIL development.







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