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Author Topic: [BSP] Bootstrap | Storing webcontent in the BLC | Taxonomy | Sluice  (Read 735 times)


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Stack Market

Decentralized marketplace that is focused on trading in products or services using the Bootstrap network from interconnected nodes. Users will be offered the opportunity to provide or buy trade services, and advertise merchandises through the Stack servers. All trades will be private arrangements between the customer and chosen provider and both customers and providers will be able to buy, sell and advertise hosting room, conclude agreements, scan network and at the same time stay anonymous and personally comfortable with each other's credentials.

Providers allow merchants to serve the content to clients (this could be anything from hardware to steam codes) upon conclusion of smart contracts, merchants buy contracts from providers and promote and advertise items they want or even local trade services. All parties also can be clients, those who contract preferential services, and pay for goods, or advertising space. Merchants will be required to pay fees for the amount of hosting they expect they will use, and upload trade offers.

Parties that attract a lot of investors and other people interested in their ideas can conclude smart contracts to motivate another parties to encourage the adoption of their projects. Users who do most of the efforts will get increasingly more trust and reputation, will be able to get better prices for hosting and get a good opportunity to attract a useful and good business. Stack will easily and quickly link up a large number of merchants and consumers and allow them to directly interact on p2p basis, to ensure privacy and performance.

Taxonomy System

This enables an enhanced digital data ownership protection by using the blockchain memory layer as a permanent storage of signatures that are associated with person's property, contracts or other records. This could be articles, essays or other featured contents. Taxonomy will use LinkedIN, BTCJam and twitter API's as well as few more social logins so the easiest thing the end user have to do is to sign in to Taxonomy with the social network account, get a client ID, and to provide an URL of his digital property. Minor fees on the outgoing transaction with user's URL must be paid.

The system then sets up an authenticated link to the Taxonomy from the specified URL and conducts the transaction to the Bootstrap network. Aforementioned link will be stored in the blockchain for ages and if a need be user anytime can use the transaction ID to sue violators for copyright infraction. This will help to grant authors and publishers absolute control over the use of their work and protect person's unique, tangible expression of the idea.

Supreme Host

This is the hosted storage service for triggers, metadata and static HTML content that is configured for public access. Retrieving this content from separate storage will allow to minimize the hosting cost for websites and applications that contain some static resources, and to create a separate content delivery network that caches the contents of the storage blockchain blocks such as inline images, style sheets, client-side javascript files, and renders them to the elements that the application needs to process before delivering them to the end user. Separating the contents from the compute resources and storing them in the blockchain blocks will be costly beneficial in case of media server shutdowns, human crisis, war, or government censorship. Data will be retrieved in human-readable and easy to work JSON format and rendered to html pages with using simple javascript query calls.

Blockchain hosted website will be more reliable than alternatives because blockchain provides a market-wide system of interconnected nodes that can compensate when a single piece of hardware goes down.

Blockchain does not have providers to charge users for resources consumed by the user, rather than a flat fee for each 1,000 bytes transferred that defaults to a fixed cost 0.0001 BSP, that means 50 kb webpage would charge a few pennies. The lack of centralization will give users privileges share what they want without anybody having to know what are they doing, without any censorship, not being imposed to authenticate with real ID, IP, or associated credit card number.

Open API Sluice

This is the implementation of free technology-enabled open-sourced application platform for a multicurrency crypto exchange that provides a volunteer/developer with an access for building, and hosting highly-transactional applications and services. The aim is to bring a complete knowledgeable-innovative solution for a next generation cryptocurrency exchange to clients, traders, customers, and to enable better scalability in a wide range of applications. General users will use authoring Sluice environments to create applications, plugins, widgets using Open API templating system, earn fees for their contribution (such as bug fixing, beta testing).

Code changes will be integrated (merged into a shared code base) so as to encourage users to submit additions to the software, code fixes for the software, bug reports, documentation. Having more co-developers increases the rate at which the gateway will evolve.

Bootstrap will have a complete programmable interface to all core functionality. By signing up each customer will get a client ID with the unique origins. This prevents other people from copying user's code and running it on their site. Once user have a client ID with the proper origins, he will be able to use all of the core functionality provided by inventory framework to implement his own equipment elements.

Exchange will charge small fees based on day trading volume as to realize developer's revenue from co-projects, and pay off the hosting expenses. The main focus of the project is to personalize users experiences. If someone likes to trade doge to euro through the local doge wallet using Bootstrap API, this knowledge could be build into open api environment. Open API Sluice provides cost-effective, easy to use, readily adaptable and extremely versatile multicurrency gateway.


Funds will be used to finance and promote tech development, and set bounties to tech and marketing volunteers further involved in the project. No coins will be kept for generating a personal income as i find this to be a unfair part of other problems, as this distribution is never clear to the users.

The wallets will be downloadable after the crowdsale ending. Source will be accessible after the crowdsale ending, to prevent users from withdrawing the coins from the exchange to pre-compiled wallets. Coins that won't be sold, will be publicly burned by the exchange staff.





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please this post isnt very clear what is it about


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